Tip for pulling knots out without taking yoyo apart

Ever get a knot around the axle? Of course. I often have to take apart a yoyo to get a knot out. But I just tried something that worked great a few minutes ago and I think it’s good enough to share.

Ready for it?

Get a small crochet hook. Works a charm, and is very gentle on the string and yoyo.


I hardly ever unscrew yoyos - I usually use a toothpick though.

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I used to have one lying around, I wonder where it went…

I use a device that I use for tapping into phone lines. These came on short leads that have one on each end. I actually use it for testing cross-over and other custom built cables via this test unit I have.

Nothing illegal.

Here’s one:


I bought an extra set of cables. I almost sound dating myself. I did not pay that much!

I usually use a paperclip that I’ve straightened out and put a little hook into the end of.


I was walking through the dental hygiene isle at my local Walmart when all of a sudden…

I just use a bobby pin.

Perfect shape and no sharp edges to scratch the yoyo.

Keep at least one in my wallet as well as some around the house.

PLus, when those plastic ends pop off, they are cheap enough to just grab another. They sell in packs of 100 or more

PLUS, your gf, mom or sister probably have loads of them already.

Paperclip. You can use a wrench to give it a little hook on the end. Folds up nicely and you can carry it in your pocket. Super cheap too. You don’t have to worry about losing one.

That’s what I use.

If I have a YYF Multitool with me, I use the hex-axle bit to take it out. But most of the time, since my yoyos have really low walls I just pick it out with my finger :]

I rarely take my yoyos apart. I’ve only taken apart my daily throw Protostar.

this is good also, because over time, unscrewing yoyos cause vibe.

I just ordered one of these. Not to sure if the pick will work yet or not.
If its to thick i’ll just grind it down.

I got it from:
for 11.60 USD


i just unscrew the thing :stuck_out_tongue:


The thing I found about using a paper clip was that I’d sometimes forget that it was in my pocket when I went to do the laundry. These things can really screw up a washer or dryer. So, be careful. These days I use a the “Monkeyfinger”. Works like a charm!

I use a piece of gimp string, if anyone knows what that is. It’s flexible, but rigid enough to get a knot out.

Since I’m experimenting alot lately, this is really helpful.

Straight paperclip works for me. Just push it through and pull