Un-knotting your axle bind knots.

I wanted to know whether any of you also have an unknotting tool, when you get that knot after a bad bind.

Toothpick, paper clip, those plastic flossers with the sharp end, all of those work well.

I like these:

Monkey finger rhino tool. Takes out any sort of axle knot. I carry it in my yyf holder. Very close to the clip because it’ll ding your throws if you leave it too low.

I just unscrew mine.

Unscrewing is the way to go. Done with even the smallest amount of care will never hurt your yoyo.

I just usually pick it out with my fingers

I just use the can opener from my Swiss army knife. it very much resembles the monkey finger tool.

Paperclip or price of wire nuff said

$5.00 at your local drug store will buy you a package with two of these.
Look in the toothbrush section.

They work great.

Paperclip or unscrew it.

I use an envelope opener to cut my string and for getting knots out. It cost me 99 cents on eBay and is amazing

i have this very fine screwdriver and carefully insert it and it works like a dream

The Shutter is weird and allows you to get most axle knots out with your fingers. Otherwise I just use my Rhino tool.

i use a bobby pin because you can just pin that to your sleeve, shorts, pant, etc. hehe

These very small electrical zip ties are great and can be attached to almost anything.

the dental tool things are great for this…I found a few mini ones that go on a keychain in a two pack at a dollar store they are great! they were in cvs packaging though lol

The only tools I use are my hands! If I cannot get it out still then I just unscrew it. It does not take that long anyways.

Usually a pair of fine-pointed tweezers that I got in some sort of cheap toolkit years ago. If I’m not at home, I have a flathead screwdriver as part of a Gerber Curve mini-tool that works.

But every now and then you get this weird kind where the loop just sort of passes over the string and you can’t get purchase on the string to pull it out. Then it’s unscrew time.

Me too, but sometimes i have too unscrew the yoyo because the gap is too tight.

The zip ties can get under the odd looped knots from the opposing direction.