Anyone ever seen anything like this?

FiveIronBrian figured it out, no need for further speculation.

Lol, first time I’ve ever seen anything like this.

I was just playing with my Barracuda and then I got this weird… snag/knot…thing… the string actually goes through the twist. It was never a traditional “knot”… I found it just like this :o I have no idea how this happened, so you can imagine my surprise. Had to take a picture and make a thread haha

I’m not a wizard. It’s not photoshop. This is legit, and I need an answer.

You’re doing it wrong.


Learn to manage string tension would be my guess. Someone else posted something similar last year. Maybe this is a bit more common.

Do you throw left handed? I do, and I have had similar things happen, albeit rare. Since I throw lefty, my string tends to unwind on me. A string thats not wound enough makes for some weird things, i.e. any time you get some slack the string collapses on itself like spaghetti. when it does that, sometimes, random lengths of string gets caught when the tension gets placed again causing very odd snags. Its hard to explain, and I know I wasn’t very clear, but know that you are not alone with weird snags lol.

I’ve actually almost perfected keeping my string tension perfect.

I used to count how many binds I do and then do the typical sidewinder trick. But recently I picked up Horizontal, so I’ll practice Horizontal for a couple throws. This often results in a de-tensioning ‘UFO’ type of thing, when I miss a horizontal mount. Which is awesome really. Do a couple horiziontal throws, fixes tension, go back to typical side-style. This piece of string, I’ve actually managed to last a few days because my string tension has been that on point. <-- This paragraph is just explaining my OCD with tension. Wasn’t playing Horiz. when it happened.

I guess I can understand the string tension becoming so loose that the whole yoyo could fit through the twist?? But I can assure you the string wasn’t, and isn’t that loose. So bizarre

I’d like to note, that the reason it looks slightly “loose” is because I untwisted the string a little bit so you could see the string intersecting. All the other pictures just looked like one string laying on top of another.

That’s really crazy. I’ve never seen that. Did it go back through in another part of the string? I can’t get my head around how it could only pass through a single time without removing the string from your finger. Really weird.

I was practicing Kimmit Sandwich and what you see is what happened. I have no idea.

The string intersected through a twist about 1-1.5 inches away from the bearing. Edit: Which makes it even more bizarre. How could the yoyo fit through a twist so close to the yoyo itself? Now this makes me so curious that I feel like I’m being tricked or something. What kind of witchcraft is this!?

Guess this is just another reason to start recording all my sessions.

Did you already have a knot before the throw?

I have no idea. At this point, I’m willing to entertain all possible explanations.

Just trying to think about how this could have happened Hurts my head

Imagine if you could duplicate that at the end of a freestyle and make up one last trick with the string like that. That’d have to score decent difficulty points.

I’d say keep doing the trick you were doing and see if anything presents itself as to how it happened.

Edit - I now see how it could intersect just one time, didn’t think about the yo-yo passing through the untwisted string. I’m dumb like that sometimes. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve had that happen one time in my over 2 years of throwing.
absolutely no idea how it happened. I just pegged it as witchcraft and moved on.

That’s the only thing I know for sure. That the yoyo had to have passed through the twist. But considering how close to the yoyo the string intersects… it makes it, theoretically, nearly impossible. But there’s no other… explanation?

Plus the twist would have to become Huge.

None of this is adding up.

You my friend, are a wizard.

Let’s assume the tension was extremely loose enough for a yoyo that is 56mm x 43mm to fit through.

Given how close it is to the yoyo itself, if it was this loose, wouldn’t it have a better chance of just falling off the string? Lol?

I’m so mind boggled.

The only logical thing I can come up with, is it happened during a Tornado string cluster F during a UFO. String Tension argument still doesn’t make any sense. Especially considering how anal I am about tension. But there’s no other logical explanations… why me


This has happened to me and my brother a couple times. It’s fairly easy to fix, so I don’t worry about it.

That’s not true. Only a segment of the string had to pass through, and that’s likely what happened somehow (loose tension would make it easier I guess).

For example, for the slipknot at the end of the string, do you have to pass the yo-yo through the loop at the end to make an adjustable loop for your finger? No, you just pass the string through and there’s the adjustable loop for your finger. It’s the same thing here. At least that’s my take. :slight_smile:

It seems to me like it is going through the string once, not twice. The slipknot at the end of your finger goes through it twice.
(I wrote this sentence 3 or 4 times ??? to try and make it sound clearer but… ::)…yea…)

Try it.;D Put a loop through and pull the loop. It’s the same as the slipknot, it ends up going through once when you pull it tight.

Funny ;D. Lol