whats the strangest thing you've ever done in yoyoing

What are some of the strangest thing that you’ve ever done in yoyoing ???

  1. I once landed a trapze but the string wasnt in the gap the yoyo was balenced on the the aluminum weight rim on the side of the yoyo
  2. I once landed a plastic whip with a dead yoyo
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i land plastic whips on dead yoyos every try not that strange but once i got this crazy knot on a double or nothing i dropped for a matrix and got a crazy knot i dont even know how

I learned how to do plastic whip with dead looping yoyos. :slight_smile:
A few times while learning hidemasa hook I landed a double green triangle.

One time I did this arm grind and went back to a trapeze. But it wasn’t a trapeze. It was a green triangle. If I could do that more often, I would cry. But alas, its one of those crazy random happenstances.

the first ninja vanish i ever landed was on a dead mighty flea
i’ve accidently landed double green triangle ninja vanishs and brent stoles
i was like: :o

lol i was doing macbride rollercoster when i went to the first part o the trick were u do a world tour thrn flip the yoyo on the string my finger got intwined with string and yoyo uncrewed but it waas do fuuny cuz the yoyo stayed danglinf on finger

my friend was showing me laceration and he accidently landed a brent stole and he went ballistic. he thought he was so awesome but he couldnt do it ever again.

also i was using my fiesta for offstring and i threw it up and it landed on my cealing fan and started grinding on it and i acted quick and caught it. it was insane!!!

also my big yo 2 flew over my banaster and fell to the ground.

string on my dv888 broke in a gyro flop and stayed on strings, than i went for a offstrin bind and i caught!!!

once, i was adjusting string tension when the string flew off of the yoyo, and i caught the yoyo in midair with a 4a whip and returned it.

since then i’ve mastered the art of transferring from 1a to 4a through string tension. I know its super easy to do, but still makes me feel special ;D

I was yoyoing next to my older sister, and I tried to do a Suicide, and when the loop of the string came arund, the loop came around and landed and some how managed to get inside my sister’s finger. It was Awesome! :smiley:

I was throwing my DNA on my front porch (I believe right after I got my custom ano done on it) and the finger loop came completely undone mid-throw as the yo-yo headed straight for the steps leading to the concrete sidewalk below. I managed to grab ahold of the string as it was spinning out on the steps, pulled it up, and saw that it had just enough spin left on it to bind it up. I took a look over it and saw not a scratch on it. Good thing too cuz I would have definitely cried if my brand new Sonic & Knuckles DNA got killed by the concrete that soon after I had gotten it back.

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i was randomly popping my yoyo up in the air from a trapeze and landed in a randome green triangle.

when doin spirit bomb i popped it the first time, and on the second pop it landed in a green triangle… and i my first triple brent stole on a dead looper… ;D

I will give you my soul for that yoyo.

I’ve landed Eiffel Tower Laceration on a V1 mighty flea and on a dead yo-yo.

I have also somehow whipped into a mess called a spider web. :wink:

i was doing a thumb grind and i went to throw it up to my other hand, and right at the exact moment i went to put my other thumb out, my girlfriend, stuck her thumb and the yoyo landed on her thumb and she did full 360 with the yoyo, and i managed to bind it after she was done.

Ummm Ive been looping and my slip not broke and i tried to catch it while it was in the air and it landed in my bro’s baggy pants lolololololol

I had an outer body experience and I had no Idea what I was doing but my hands just went and did this crazy combo. Twas nuts.

when trying to learn hidemasa hook i kept landing brent stole

I choked out a crossdresser with my BassBoost once.