Swivel Discussion. Now with Brand New Super Easy Pictorial!! Wee

I know Swivels are old. I know it’s been done 100 times over. I admit I thought about using swivels from one of the old archaic threads from old time’s past. This thread was originally made to have people recreate a video I made, where I used a swivel, and didn’t tell anyone. It was figured out very quick, so I changed it to swivel discussion. So if you’re just poking in for the first time, save the history lesson, because people coming in here stating it’s old left and right, is more redundant than this thread. So please, save yourself the time and don’t bother stating it’s been done before. We ALL know that.

Ok guys, I came through for ya and made a pictorial for the EASIEST method to do this.

Shoulda made this a long time ago for ya guys… but I let ya have at it ;]


Step 1:
Set up a piece of string like you normally would and add a swivel ;D

Step 2:
Put the string on your finger and push the swivel about 1 cm away from your finger ;D

Step 3:
Tie a simple knot right by that swivel. So it is about 1 cm away from your finger ;D
(if you need to make the knot bigger, so it doesn’t go through the swivel, figure it out)

Step 4:
Tie ANOTHER knot right by the first knot!! :o The closer the better, but leave a little tiny bit of room. Ideally .5 cm or so.

http://Step 5:
Thread the string through the other end of the swivel :o

Step 6:
Ask permission to get some scissors, and cut the segment of string inbetween the two knots. :o

Step 7:
Grab your parents lighter without them noticing (jk ask or have them do it), and burn the frayed ends into the knots.

You’re done doooood. Go give it a whirl 8)


For the first trick, it appears that you have a bearing swivel near the slipknot, which allows the string to neutralize itself.

For the second, you let the slip knot slide through the green triangle, which made it fall apart without giving you a knot.


The slipknot never leaves my throw finger.

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Looks like the string is sliding through the swivel then, for essentially the same effect.

Gee, thanks for ruining all my fun! Hahaha

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Very clever tricks, though. Glad to see people thinking outside the box, especially with 1a play.

what kind of bearing swivel?

No bearing in the swivel. Just a regular ol size 12 fishing swivel from Walmart. Packs of 12 for $1.26.

Before the naysayers come around, I did some strength tests. I tied each end of a piece of string to either side of the swivel and pulled very hard. Three times in a row the string snapped in half and the swivel was fine… so I deemed that as sufficient evidence that these will not break in this application. They also swivel around just fine without a bearing.

No cons so far, I’ve been using these for almost two weeks and I can safely say I probably won’t be going back.

Nothing like each string lasting me more than a week when before I would go through them in like a day haha.

Plus I can do suicides, slacks, rejections, etc without even thinking twice if my string tension is wacky.

It’s honestly cheat mode.


nice. that’s awesome.

how would i install such an apparatus on my string?

I thought you’d never ask…

All you do is slip the string through one end and tie a knot. (I like to burn the end so that the knot is strong) P.S. This is all I did for the strength tests, and the string ripped in half before the knot or the swivel broke.

The slipknot end theoretically never has to be changed.

To replace the string, just cut it off, thread the string through the swivel loop and tie a knot. Easy as pie.

And I haven’t noticed any scratches on the yoyo… most of the swivel is rounded on all edges, and with it ~1 cm away from my throw finger, it only touched on binds… and it’s usually laying ontop of string like this:

oh yeah… and you can do tricks like I did in the video. So I guess I invented a new style… I guess I’ll call it Sky High A… Thanks


That is genius sir I applaud thee

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It’s literally God Mode. It feels like I’m cheating :confused: Kinda isn’t as fulfilling, miss adjusting string tension, etc…

But if you -really- wanna throw and practice perfect suicides for hours on end, or any other trick without adjusting your string tension… ever… well… ::slight_smile:

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i remember someone showing me this a couple years ago. its nice to see more people using it!

It’s awesome that you’ve been in a giving mood. People like you make me think humanity has a chance

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I still don’t quite get it…but from what I can tell it’s a great idea.

Hope this helps you to understand… (Ignore the frayed string… I’m in the middle of setting this one up and haven’t burnt off the loose ends)


Can u explain the string burning thing to strengthen the knot?

Ah… yeah I didn’t explain that very good.

I melt/burn the “frayed” parts (from cutting the string above the knot) with a lighter by putting it up to the flame, then while they are still molten; I push the melting/burning frayed part into the knot.  This makes the knot pretty much a solid ball of inpenetrability. If you melt it too much, it will weaken the knot though.

You can find a video of Jensen doing this to a slipknot loop if you look hard enough.  Go to 1:30

Another technique is adding a drop of super glue onto each knot.


Yeah so I thank you’d every post in this thread cause the swivel is the best idea ever. yeah… seriously, I feel like I entered a cheat code before I tried it. everytrick is just super easier

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Thanks man! hahaha…

Nice to hear I’m not the only one. I knew I couldn’t be, as this is TOO good to be true. Literally the best thing since bearing-ized yoyo’s ;]