string swivels

here is what i know it removes string tension adjustment needs and it took me 6 hours to finally get it proper i used 2 strings but it works dont know about with metals though might get scratched basically measure enough to put on your finger trie that to one end of the swivel then measure up the rest of the string or a new one tie it up to the other end of the swivel and use


That did not make a single bit of sense.

Use punctuation. It helps people to read, and understand what you’re saying.

The bolded words are what i do not understand, and the underlined words are what i seriously don’t have a clue about what you’re saying.

Are you trying to say that you’re just tying a knot on the string?

i thought i made sense heres a video

So the swivel will just keep the string from twisting. It will probably work, but I have a feeling that you will “lose contact” with the yoyo itself. Like your finger isn’t connected to the yoyo, but it really is. And It might scratch metals, but I don’t think that it will do much harm. You will also have to cut and tie each time you change a string, which is a facepalm for people that burns a string in less than an hour. But all toghether a good idea, approved.

Addment: As rsmod123 said, please use punctuation. It sounds like we’re a bunch of tellers, but it really is hard to get. I didn’t understand what you were talking about before you posted that video. And nobody likes to read a 4-line sentence.

i dont know if id trust this! i mean if it snapped and my yoyo dinged on the ground, id be pretty bummed!