Go West String


First, go find a swivel, and a string.
Cut the slip knot off. If your using Kitty, your going to have to think here.

Right. I hope you cut a large chunk of string, it’s going to be used as your slip knot. Also, short string works good for this style.

Now, most of you know that without a knot your string will start to unravel. Help it. You want it totally unraveled.

Okay, so now you have this big loop of string. But, it probably still has some tension. Rub it, stretch it, suspend it, hang it, and let it be totally slack. This is really only important for advanced slack tricks where you whip the string and ensnare the yoyo in midair, but it still is good.

Okay, so now you need to tie a big knot to hold it in the swivel.

Okay, so you bring the ends together and tie your favorite knot. I prefer the yoyo loop knot being tied twice, and snipping off the loops and extra string.

You now have thread your loop through your swivel. Then, take the other part of the string with the slip knot on it and attach it to the swivel.


Now go try this style. I might have a contest for it later, although I don’t have any good prizes. So sad… Anyway, go do this. Do it now. (For those who haven’t realized it yet, I am once again the annoying MY STYLE IS BETTER THAN YOURS person.)


So how do you wind the yoyo up? Like an off-string?


No, put it in the loop of string and wind normally.


Can I do this without a swivel?


You can if you absolutely have to, but you have to stop and adjust tension every 10 throws.


Can’t you make go west string by just skipping the last spin on


I have been having some fun with this. Very cool style!


If go west gets popular would YYE sell go west string?


It would take probably a year for the style to get that popular, some people don’t like change :(. I think someone who does Go West and is better than me at making string should do a small business and charge like $10 to take 45 of your strings and Go Westify them. Like you ship them to him and he does the stuff and ships them back. My string hasn’t been very cooperative, so I would definitely pay for someone else to make quality Go West strings.


Has anyone ever tried using extra-long string and instead of unravelling it just fold it into a loop? You would need a big swivel. Also, I can’t see Yoyoexpert preparing the string, but I can see someone making some quality string, like

-Kevlar slipknot for durability
-ball-bearing swivel (are these made?)
-doubled up string instead of unraveled, since the unraveled is unbelievably bad at whips, and the three strands always separate in complicated knots, making them hard to untie. If we could get a string maker to make long, thinnish string and maybe the Kevlar string to be cannibalized into slipknots, we would have much better string.


They make ball bearing swivels. I have them for fishing but also use them for fishing. They are extremely expensive for small sizes though, like $1-$2 a pop. As to the thin long string would that work? What do the other guys use?


I might offer JAMS string five extra bucks or something to make me a few strings twice as long. I don’t know, though, I’m not sure how thin it is.


The thinness is really only important to fit through the swivel and keep spin times high. Normal string is half as thin around the bearing, if you just put normal string around the bearing it will have slightly lowered sleep times.


Ah I see. I am still gonna try it. Maybe a KK bearing would help.