Best 2a mod for string tension:

I was looking for something on my closet and I found some fishing things, amongst them were this small things that are called swivels. They are used on fishing lines so the they can untwist.

Here is how they look:

I cutted the string neer the loop for the finger and inserted there the swivel. After that that I tried looping with my Shinwoo Loop ¨720¨ it looped perfectly and the string didn´t unwind till the yoyo would have come out off the string lieke the string without the swivel would have done. It works really well, in total I did about 300 loops in many throws without adjusting the tension and no yoyo went flying away.

I got the swivel in a fishing kit at walmart but if you want to get a swivel by separate at a store specialized in fishing you can probably get a pair for less than a dollar.

This is how it looks on a string:


that is really cool
how well does it loop

Thats really really clever!

Wow!!! That’s really amazing idea!!
I’ll try it!! Thanks for sharing your idea!

The yoyo loops like it would loop without the swivel.

My brother had actually suggested I do something like this before. I might have to try something of my own now. Nice job.

I’ve found a YouTube vid once were they did this, but it was for 1A. I’ve never tried it, but I might now that I’m getting more into 2A.

Can’t we just practice? Adjusting string tension is half the battle, and in some cases it actually helps to have looser or tighter string tension.

I bought the set of swivels and tried it just now. It works really well!! I could do loops forever!

Only what I concern is its durability.
I need to use it more to see it. After that I will report it here.

They probably last long since swivels are made to funtion in harsh conditions like lots of pressure and salty water.

yeah, but dont they bang against the yoyo a lot when you actually bring it back? that would damage the yoyo after a little while

I second this!

yeah, forgot to mention that i too second that.

cool ima do that

this has been done for a very long time (early 90s at least, probably earlier) but yea, it works.

I will say this… do NOT do 1a or other styles this way… it’s just asking for the yoyo to snag on it and break a finger heh. Even with it very close to your finger, it still happens… seen it many times.


I’ve actually done this before. Too bad I can’t loop well enough to have them make a difference :stuck_out_tongue:

Yesterday I was doing some 2a and I notice the string was untwisted completely, I thought the swivel wasn´t doing the job, and it was perfect but it was the string itself that had the problem. The swivel works best when its taking out tension not preventing tension loose. So for right handed looping I had to make a left string, that is twisted to the left intead of the the normal string that is twisted to the right.

Here is my short report:

DAY1: It worked very well for both loops and hops. Swivels avoid strings being too tight or too loose. But I found it a little bit difficult to do some trick that yoyos come back close to your fingers. (like regeneration from hops to loops.)
For its durability, swivels themselves did not break but string adding to it broke.

DAY2: When I catch the yoyo sort of strongly then swivel itself broke. It was like the " string break" trick.

Conclusion: If I can find smaller swivels that is thin enoght to come inside yoyo gap, then I am happy to use them.

Here is something that happens when the swivel is taking off tension; the yoyo becomes less responsive for a second when it is releasing the tension. Its kind of strange because your in the middle of a loop and all of a sudden the yoyo fall like if you threw a forward pass with and unresponsive yoyo. The yoyo doesnt completely fall but it does for a second.