How to make better Go West string.


Now, this is designed for the swivel used in Go West. If you don’t have a swivel, you can use a cw (Go East) or make one large loop out of it and stick your finger in that, in a slippery eel kind of thing (sumo). Anyway, to do those styles, ignore the last few steps and substitute your own. Yes, you will have to think. No, I will not have mercy. Right. Here’s the instructions.

  1. Locate two (2) strings. It is best if they don’t have that ‘new string’ feel, so you can play them for around ten minutes to make them softer.

  2. Take said two strings, and pass one through the other, like this:

  3. Now, you know how you attach a cw? Do that, but backwards. Like:

  4. Good job! If you have gotten this far without quitting and asking for a video, like the majority of people, you are not dumb! I wouldn’t go so far as to call you smart, but at least you’re not dumb. Right, so now tighten that loop, making a tiny knot, that’s not really a knot. It won’t slip apart and send your cheap yoyo flying through the air. Now, you have a large string with two loops at the end. Cut off one loop, leaving the knot, and cut five or so inches of the other string, then make another large knot. Then slide it into your swivel.
    If you have a small swivel, this might be hard. Also, you’ll notice that I already have a slipknot on my swivel. That is because I am better than you. If you want to be as awesome as me, you can’t. So there. Haha, mocking laugh. Ha.


Great instructions! I did NOT stop reading after the above sentence. This is how you captivate your audience and empower someone that wants to learn something from you! ::slight_smile:


Thanks. So, in order to empower people, I should insult the people not reading my post, making the people that do read my post feel better about themselves. Also, I fixed the as, as well as a strange ‘I a already’.


Wow, great idea! Works well!