Go West Style!

So, apparently this is actually Go West, not Sumo. Yoyowiki was wrong. But this is still an awesome style, and I still want to see more people try it. It is a style with the yoyo in a big loop of string. You have to use a swivel to be able to make it easy. I can’t believe more people haven’t attempted this absurdly fun style. It seems as if I rescued it from the deep, dark pit of the early 2000’s. Anyway, try this! I have some videos in the video section as well as this video on basic mounts:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gr4hAmOtUns I think its a bit hard to understand, my retainer and camera seem to warp my voice, so if someone makes a better video I’ll gladly stick it up! Now, stop reading this thread and go buy some swivels! Eagle claw size 12 or bigger will work. Look to see how much weight they hold. String snaps at around thirty pounds, I think, so anything thirty or higher is more than sufficient. So, go try this. Try this now. And thanks to Zammy for putting this style up on yoyowiki, which is what made me try this.

First, behead your string. Cut a good amount of string off- the string will get longer. Keep this snippet.

Second, unwind your string. It should be doubly long.

Third, tie a big knot.

Swivelfy your snippet, then slide the end of your loop through the swivel.


This is actually go west…

Naw! Just kidding. Cool. Is there a video on how to put the string on. Novice I know, but I don’t understand it. Haha

Yeah, I can’t understand anything you say here or in your thread in the tricks section.

I dont think anyone did…

I’m sorry! Ok, umm, I might be able to get a video up… Or pictures. Probably pictures on how to put the string on. And maybe a few videos of the more complicated tricks. Like, rejection to tower (which is possible) kind of hard. Or, I could send them all to yoyoexpert and maybe get them in learn section! Probably need something better than an iPod camera, though. Plus I am only thirteen and am told I am hard to understand. Oh well.

You are very hard to understand. This sounds ALOT like go west.

I don’t know what either are

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It is very similar, but its not. I’ll have pictures and maybe a video up tomorrow.

That’d be cool. I’m sure it’s not go west and is totally awesome, I just need to understand. lol

Really the only difference is the slip knot or slippery eel, so I wouldn’t be so particular, except all the Japanese feudal warrior names are so much cooler than Go West names. So, I am rather picky about the names. Sorry if my pickiness annoys you.

I really don’t understand how a rejection is the difference between classifying something as a major style over a sub style (or the need to differentiate the two). I also don’t get how sumo (short for super Moebius) is a major style, but Moebius isn’t.

And I apologize for saying it was go west, after watching the video a few more times, I see that I was wrong about him having a finger loop.

Did you seriously just say you can’t do a rejection in tourniquet facepalm and that this has more potential than Moebius facepalm

Its great that you are enthusiastic about a style of yoyo play that barely anyone has tampered with. That kind of energy should be valued. I will not even get any negative vibes about you thinking Gowest/Sumo has more potential than moebius amd its varients.


The only way you can prove your validity/resolve behind your words is to make good clip videos depicting it clearly. Text will not cut it.

Get to work and show us what you got.

Sorry about not making myself clear about the Möbius and Tourniquet. Möbius uses the same equipment as 1A, and Tourniquet uses just about the same. So, even though there have been many more tricks for these sub-styles, They are still sub-styles. And. when did I ever say that this had more potential than Mobius, or that rejections aren’t possible in Tourniquet? Oh, and the significance of the rejection in Sumo is that it is an original enough move to prove the potential of this style.

off topic: I wish I was any good at 4A… You can do an offstring suicide and land it like a normal suicide! And tricks where you just move twists around the axle repeatedly. I think I’ll demonstate some of these in the video.

BAM! Pictures! Now try this!

Now for the video… Is it okay if I mess up? A lot?

Its fine, we r all here to help each other :slight_smile:

You tube is sooooo cliche. I think a website will be better, and then if anyone else makes any tricks they can just be embedded into that website to make one convenient database. Has anyone else tried this?

you mean like Yoyoexpert? And a side note, people just being able to put stuff on a website may result in a bit of chaos seeing how some (3rd parties) may be oblivious to previous tricks. Then you’d have copies, and some tutorials would be better than others. I think if the website would have have to have one dominant owner to watch the tutorials and put it on this site.

Yeah, they would submit it to me, I would watch it, and if it was good I would post it, if it was bad I would redo it and give them credit or let them do it.