Crazy 'new' style

So, I was trying some sumo, I think. It’s this style with an unwound loop of string with the yoyo inside of it. It wasn’t really working, so I stuck a swivel on it. You can’t do any ‘hidden’ tricks with it (the string would fall out of the swivel) but I think the ability to actually perform sumo tricks is awesome. It’s like, part 1A part 4A. To make this setup:

1 Eagle Claw swivel (preferably)

1 Extra String


1 Sturdy Yoyo

Step 1: Unwind your string and cut off the knot. Take your double long string and rub it until it’s slack.

Step 2: Double up your string so it’s ‘normal’ and tie a normal knot.

Step 3: Slide your string into your swivel and slap a slip knot on your swivel’s other side.

Step 4: Put your yoyo in your loop of string

I couldn’t follow that :o

Go look up hidden eel and this will make more sense.

I know what it is haha!:slight_smile:
But is this just like. A loop connected with a swivle?

Video please, i dont ger it either

Sort of. There’s a few videos of it in the ‘what unusual styles do you do’ thread.

Never underestimate the power of three hours in your basement. So many tricks and mounts…

(Instructions are for righties)


Wraparound mount: Throw a breakaway with a plastic unresponsive yoyo. Take the leftmost string and pass it around the yoyo (think first step of and whut). The string is now wrapped around the axle of the yoyo, enabling responsive 1A play. To dismount take the right string and orbit it around the outside of the yoyo. It’s the opposite of the first movement, except still moving clockwise.

V-mount: attempt a barrel roll from a wraparound mount.

Triangle mount: throw a breakaway. Insert your fingers in the loop and spread your hands apart. The string makes a triangle with the yoyo, unattached to the string, sitting in the middle.

Cross-Handed mount- from a triangle mount, roll the yoyo over your right hand. Hold your hands crossed or normal.


Samurai’s revenge: basically the moves of Buddhas revenge from a cross-handed mount.

Offstring triangle tricks- a huge amount of offstring tricks can be done from this mount.

Green Sumo- go into a triangle mount, then ‘magic drop’ without using a gun. You’ll get an awesome heart shape.

Sorry for the lack of video. I might have one up soon, but probably not.
If anyone has any more tricks, please post them. I so want this to be an actual contest division. 6A, aka Sumo.

If I’m understanding it correctly - this is already a style. It’s called Go West.

If you’re referring to this video in the unusual style thread, then yes, it’s go west.

Oh, sorry, that is what it’s called. I’m not sure why I thought it was Sumo. My bad. Oh, and a better explanation for green sumo, which I guess should be green cowboy:

Triangle mount, then roll the yoyo over your right hand and land on the back string.

Oh, and the video doesn’t use a swivel, which is what enables this style to be done for more than 30 seconds.

No, wait, that is go west, but what I am doing is IMO, because I’m using a finger loop. If you notice in the video they don’t. Mods, feel free to clean up all my messy posts.

Looks like he’s using a finger loop to me. And how does the swivel change it?

He’s not. Look closer. He’s spinning his hand around to remove the slack. You can’t do this with a finger loop unless you have a swivel. The swivel enables the loop.

New trick:

V-mount suicide!

New trick- V-mount hops!
(Think bucket hops from a V-mount.

Sorry, but he’s definitely has the string on his finger. It’s pretty clear when he throws it, first washes it, and binds it.

Do we need to reference yoyowiki?

New trick! SUMO REJECTION!!! It’s absurdly complicated, so I’ll do my best to explain it.

Triangle mount. Roll the yoyo over your left hand, supporting the rightmost string. I have no idea how to explain the rest of it, but get it so one string is over your hand, and the other is attached to the swivel. Take the back string of the triangle that forms and attempt to continue with your wrist mount. Hopefully the yoyo will reject and land on the backmost string. Drop everything, and bind.
Sorry for no video, I don’t feel like making one.

Text seems kind of useless for yo-yo tricks.

Just sayin

Isn’t washing machine A Go West trick?