Tethered dragon and 1a prelim for Zorro contest (newly added)

This is my entry for Zorro’s contest.  It’s on the thread but i thought i’d put it here too.
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Great tricks!


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Reminds me of Sumo or Gowest styles.

Thanks. What’s Gowest?

Go West

This is a style of play involves the use of a fully untwisted string loop that is still connected to your finger via the slipknot. This is basically an extention of Doctor Populars Washing Machine style, except this is fully untwisted. Tricks are done by maneuvering the yo-yo both while inside the string loop, and outside the string loop.

This style incorporates 1a string tricks with a fusion of 4a string tricks. Go-west is also often double wrapped around the bearing of the yoyo as a means of controlling the throw/spin power. Innovators of this style include people like Takahiko Hasegawa, Hironori Mii, and Kenji Nishi.


Known offshoot style: full loop yoyoing.

Invented by Doctor Popular in 2001 around the same time the Japanese were innovating “Go West” style. Sumo stands for Super-Moebius and differs only in that you are playing with an regular yo-yo string that has just been completely untwisted. It differs from its Japanese counterpart due to there being no fingerhole but one whole loop of string that has been tied together in a knot.

Full loop yoyoing is an offshoot from Sumo in where you take a regular full string, cut it and tie it together so you have a much more shorter loop to use. This still allows exactly the same tricks as Sumo, however the user has far more control with the loop/yoyo. To throw it, you snap start it in the loop and bind it ala like a 4a stop and go. You throw it down like a regular sleeper thus making the yoyo spin inside the loop while it being “offstring”

As said on Yoyowiki.

Oh, yeah. I knew what sumo was, but you don’t put the space between go and west, so I didn’t get that. I once tried go west a looong time ago. That is hard.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHto6ydh1XI prelim