Go West Tutorial Contest


Since this is such a… New? Old? Dead? Recently Revived? Style, this contest will not be for the mostest hardest tricks, it will be for whoever makes the best tutorials. You can make as many tutorials as you want. There is no prize for the winner, besides being able to say they are the best at making tutorials for this weird style. I am expecting a totally underwhelming response for this. Don’t disappoint me. Whichever tutorial gets the most thank you’s wins. No repeating previously posted tutorials. By submitting a video in this thread you agree to allow me to put it on my unbelievably delayed website. You may begin.


Also, Sumo and Counterweight Go West is allowed. Would it be okay if Counterweight Go West is called Go East?


Oh, 2 weeks to submit a video.


What’s go west style?


The yoyo is inside a loop of string. A swivel, counterweight, or slippery eel setup is used. When the counterweight is used, I call it Go East, but I think I’m the only one who does that. When it is slippery eel, it is called Sumo. I prefer doing it with a swivel. So, in Go West, you can do:
Hidden Eel
Fake 4A-like maneuvers
Tricks with the string wrapped around the axle once
1A tricks that turn into 4A tricks
0A tricks with more than one loop around the axle

Okay, and then in Go East and Sumo you can do 5A and slippery eel.


I’m going to win.


Lol. I won.