Go West Contest?


I thought having a contest might raise interest in this style, however I have no prizes anyone would like. So, if I can get enough people interested in this, I will have a contest solely for bragging rights.Anyway, who wants to compete? And, what format should I have for the contest?

(UmeNagisa) #2

What kind of contest?


I don’t know. Depends on the amount of people. Since the main idea is to generate interest, you get as many throws as you can fit in… 1? 2? 3? Minutes. Edits allowed. CW’s allowed. As many yoyos as you want.

(UmeNagisa) #4

I meant What should we do for the contest?
Is it a battle? Most creative? etc. Stuff like that.


Oh. Um… A battle, I guess? Like, if we can get 16 people, we can have the first stage, the second stage, the semi-finals, then the finals.


I think you should see who is the most successful with the style in two weeks. Announce the contest, then give everyone two weeks to make a video and send it to you. You can vote or decide yourself who has been the most creative, innovative etc.


Really? So, like:http://i.pgu.me/oRbWW5YR_original.jpg

And not this:


That’s more what I had in mind, since the style is new to us and kinda weird, I think it should be a more creativity contest than skill. Just a thought though, you do whatever you want.


I don’t know if you need the tree to be that big. I think only two of you are playing Go West style.


Really? I thought Azznboya and Apollo2 have tried it. Too. I don’t know if they would join the contest… So, if I had a contest, who would join?

(UmeNagisa) #11

I Do haha!
Mines a bit weird, but I don’t think you mind :slight_smile:


Yeah, you use a cw, right?


I do it! Just have to make a new string…

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Thanks :slight_smile:


I do Go West. But I think the contest is to show people the style, and kinda bribe them into trying it, to win a yoyo or something. I would try it for a chance to win something. And it is very fun, I tell ya!


I don’t have any good prizes, though.