Video Contest (For the fun of it)

Pshh, idk I just feel like having a contest. The winner gets a prize!!! Lol, the prize isn’t gonna be like a main throw but more like a trophy to remember your bragging rights. IT WILL BE A YOYO.

As for rules just follow the basics.
Music can be explicit
1-2 minutes, nothing more nothing less
I will judge, so if you want to send me a Supernova… you might win :3
Have fun, let me know if your gonna make a video.

Due date is the 30th and if you want you can use your most recent video, you don’t have to refilm.

ill get freind you"ll have fun competing with

Any clue about the yoyo?

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Not one your gonna play with often… it’s more like a trophy representing bragging rights.

Is it your Mario Candy? ._.

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can the video be any style? offstring?

Yeah sure. And no Samad that’s my favorite throw!!!


lol, like that’s ever going to happen…well maybe…JK :stuck_out_tongue:

ima make video where do we send it or do we post it?

Can I do 1A and 5A? Editting?

I think I already said any style and yeah make it look fancy! Lul.

Yeah Just post it.

Thats my video

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ill try it ((