The "One Combo" contest!!!!! (DEADLINE EXTENDED AGAIN!)

Come On! Get your entries IN!!!

Hello everyone!
PandaJoe and I are hosting a contest here on YYE! It is a different type of contest, and you will see why! The rules of the contest are as follows:
-1a only
-Your entry must be only ONE THROW.
-No re-generations, stalls, or other means of speeding up the yoyo.
-You must PM a video (Youtube or Vimeo link) of your entry to Titanium221 (not PandaJoe- lets keep it simple) by TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24 (EXTENDED AGAIN!!!).

There is going to be a cap of 20 people to compete, so get on the list as soon as you can!

Once the entries are submitted, PandaJoe and I will each pick a winner. These two winners will have the choice to have a video battle to determine the #1 winner!
The prizes are pending, but this is for sure:

-MAJOR bragging rights and glory
-One 5 pack of Frozen Fire Strings
-Possibly a/some yoyo(s), If anyone want to donate an under-used yoyo, that would be very much appreciated!

here is the list of contestants so far:

  1. ikillu7980
  2. Gsteller
  3. Yomaster16
  4. Dacklink

Note: you cannot make a reservation to be in the contest. Once your video is PMed to me, only then will I put your name on the list.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks guys! good luck to those who enter!

Titanium221 and PandaJoe :wink:

Ill get some filming done soon. :slight_smile:

I’m in! Just gotta film a new combo XD

I’ll do this! My new combo is SICK.

I’m in

Count Me In

I might go in I just don’t know how to post a video can someone help me?

you need a youtube or Vimeo account to do so… :-\

Agh. What the heck. I’ll give it a shot for my first contest sorta thing =D

im in :smiley:

I sent in my video. Hopefully I wasn’t too late =D

you’re just gonna show the final 2? how about splitting the 20 contestants into maybe 5 groups with four people in each group. post those 5 individual groups. then you can get the winners of each group and put them in a final showdown kinda thing. i don’t know just some ideas. don’t want to jack your thread.

Yeh that sounds like a sick idea, a battle royale, lol, it would be more fun and also more competetive!!

I was planning to rank the winners 3-5, then the top two could have a video battle according to their own rules. but I could post all the videos if you would like :wink:

I would definitely extend your deadline by a few weeks.

i think that would be better so the voting would be fair and between many viewers not just one or two.