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I want to start a monthly Contest but I realize between work and my son I don’t have time to run it. I have about $40 a month to contribute and would like to find more people to donate(at least $100 seems like a pretty good prize). I am looking for a honest person with extra time on their hands to be in charge of the money and help me narrow down the videos. I was thinking we’d narrow it down to about 5 videos and then let the people vote the winner. I also was thinking about not making it about skill every month to give less experienced players and kids a chance to win. Thoughts? Ideas? Help? Is someone already doing this and I’m not aware?


Really good idea and you thinking of contributing to the community is good of you.

Some one will join it I think.

There is one contest in the works, but it’s not a monthly one. I think there’s room for some sort of monthly contest format! Be it for the prestige or for prizes donated by hopefully regular contributors!

Unfortunately, I have incredibly low income and can not contribute to this but I would love to see this happen.

As for ideas, I’d suggest to stay away from any vote based contests. If you absolutely wanted a vote based ones, just choose some certain trusted people to be the judge. I’ve seen many voting contests, joined some… granted the result won’t be “people’s choice”, simply the person who can convince more of his/her friends to vote wins.

I’ve PMed you with some details pertaining to this topic. Check yo’ inbox my man! :slight_smile:

I agree with Mr Yoist, community vote-based contests can become a bit of a popularity contest if one isn’t too careful, especially if they use outside websites such as instagram or facebook to collect anonoymous votes.

The idea of a monthly contest is a good one, however obviously the more often the contest occurs, the less the sponsors will be able to put forward and the less incentive people will have to enter. Perhaps a bi-monthly contest would allow for a great aggregation of prizes, which would attract more interest, and perhaps be a bit easier on the judges. For example:

Contest starts June 1st, Deadline June 30th. Videos get racked up and judged, and results posted which might take a week or two (putting us around mid-July). You then have maybe 2 or 3 weeks of rest until the start of August, where the 2 month cycle begins again. :slight_smile:

Just an idea. At any rate, it’s darn decent of you to offer to sponsor something like this. Nothing gets the forums buzzing like a good contest… just look at Ed’s fixed axle one going on right now. We’re all loving it. :smiley:

Doesn’t have to be vote based. Doesn’t have to really be anything I said. I’m looking for ideas, feel free to share

My vote-based “Old Folks” contests have worked out pretty well because it was forum vote only. While it’s easy to get FB friends to “like” your video (with each “like” counting as a vote), it’s a bit trickier to get them to sign up for a forum in order to vote.

On the other hand, social media contests are intended to grow a brand’s social media presence, with the contest itself having marketing reach as a primary goal and the contest itself as a secondary one. :wink: I don’t begrudge them that, I’m just saying that it’s a different goal so the contestants need to have realistic expectations.

If vote based, no social networks. Just the people in the trenches on the forums

Please do a contest. I haven’t been able to find any other one and it would mean a lot to me and my friends. Also please don’t base it on skill 100%

I think this is a great idea. I really like Gambits idea of a Bi-Monthley Contest because I feel like one every month people might get a bit bored of filming videos all the time and it gives the people running it a break.

Sorry but I will not be able to donate money I don’t yet have a job since I’m only 15

A thought I had on the contest was again so people don’t get too bored of the same thing is that it could be a rotating Bi- Monthly Contest. Like one month it could be a freestyle video contest. The next month it could be a photo contest or a 4A video contest etc.

That way there’s different stuff going on and people don’t get bored of the same thing.

Well those are the only thoughts I have floating around in my brain

Why not? You don’t have to win to compete. And you shouldn’t be competing to win in the first place. You should be doing it for fun.

Amen brother

Thats how you tell the newbies Contests aren’t for winning there for fun winning is just a bonus

to keep people from getting board why not try to add different elements to all the contests
contest one could be green triangle combos
contest two could be the best flow to music chosen by the judges
contest two bucket combos
contest three speed combos
contest four best cinematography

in this way you get people to try new things and keep people from getting board.

i feel that it could be a huge success and be alot of fun for everyone if done in this way.

I think this is good.

I like this idea. I would add that if you want to be more inclusive of newbies or kids and the like, there should be some contests that are not based only around a trick, but that allow for some amount of creativity.

Maybe best funny yoyo video, or something like that.

If you want everyone to have access then it would be good if some months where not only skill based.

On a side note, If I were a man of great wealth, I’d love to throw an ‘Online WYYC’.

Imagine it, a $3000+ prize, with everyone from Janos to Takeshi recording their freestyles in their bedroom, the judges sitting there at home judging with a mug of hot cocoa in hand and people round the world watching the freestyles as they’re uploaded onto youtube. :stuck_out_tongue:

Back on topic, I like the idea of having little quirky contests. Having a new theme each time will definitely keep things interesting and fun. :slight_smile:

I think I recall a blindfolded trick contest on here once? That was fun to watch.

YES!!! that would be so much fun


I definitely love the idea of a rotating theme. Best trick, Best flow, Best cinemetography, best tutorial, a consistency challenge (most Eli Hops) like the Facebook group of that name… there are a lot of things you can do to keep it open and fresh to errbody.

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