Forum Yoyo contest

What about a contest for the best username that incorporates “yoyoexpert” into it?

But your usernameonly includes wishiwasayoyoexp the rest got cut off

<—— Winner.


I like the idea sounds fun! Hope all goes well!

1 point for creativity

Please don’t think of me as a newb. I am relativity new to the world of yoyos, but I can still do some cool tricks. Sorry for saying don’t make it about skill. ;D

No no. It’s all good man. We were all beginners at one point, and a lot of us (me included) still aren’t that good, and so competing isn’t really about winning, because a large amount of us on here have basically no chance to. So just have fun with it.

Probably if it’s a video tutorial contest, most everyone will have similar chance regardless of skill, at least there will be more chance for everyone than a pure display of skill. Maybe like having certain “theme”, wrist mount based for example, you need to make a tutorial of a trick (that you created yourself) that involves wrist mount, something like that. This way even after the contest ends, we still have a bank of new trick tutorials for people who wanted to learn, win win.

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I really like this idea, because it becomes less of who can hit their tricks the cleanest, and more who has the best tricks.