I want to hold an online contest!! No longer accepting ideas!

Ok, so here is the deal, I want to hold an online contest! However, i want this to be a contest YOU like. SO, here is what i’m going to do, i want you to suggest ideas, for what it will be. Comment any ideas that you have in this thread, and i will pick a handfull of them, and put them in a poll to decide. The prize will probably be a punchline repeater. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have. Go!

I love contests, but unfortunately I’m not that great (at yoyoing) compared to alot of people on here so I would probably lose. So what type of contest would this be- an actual yoyoing contest or yoyo trivia or something like that?

Anything you want! That’s why im letting the people of yoyoexpert choose. Suggest anything you want, and it will probably be submitted into the poll in about a week

Perhaps a most creative trick contest? Yo-yo battles could be a possibility but maybe something more off the wall then that…I’m somewhat at a loss on creativeness…but I’ll post something if I can think of something interesting.

Exactly, i dont want to do just your average battle. Thanks for the input

Photo contests are always lots of fun!

well i was thinking about about having a tournament sort of thing where people make one video, send it in and if they beat their opponent they advance to the next round, and so on until the finals.

What if you didnt judge the people on their yoyoing skills as much as you judged them on their confidence and how much they are enjoying themselves?

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what if you gave it away at random like sniffy.

How rockin can you look while yoyoing… This is accomplished by matching your yoyo with what you’re wearing, dressing up, etc.

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YES! Yoyo fashion show!

Do something off the wall like an eli hop target contest, who can get the coolest video of an eli hop hitting something.

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ridiculous offstring shots! Whenever I get together with my friends we try to shoot an offstring yoyo into far away or ridiculous things! like hats, or try to knock cans off a post.

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WHat’s down there!

The one total artist just finished up was probably the best online contest I’ve ever seen. Seeing how you have so many YoYos I would love to do something like that again. Battles are a bit unfair to noobs so i say video battles or best trick isn’t the way to go. I’ve been yoyoing for the years so don’t think i said that cuz I’m scared. Just like it when everyone gets a solid chance. So my vote would be for quizzes or even a scavenger hunt through several websites to find answers that a person would have to pm you with to enter a drawing. all correct answers enters the contest and if only 1 got them all correct they win or a drawing or win for the most right.

Do something specific. Example: Modt creative green triangle.
something similar to that, a video contest.

Thank you everybody for the input!

Keep 'em coming

How about “The most awkward situation to be yoyoing contest?”


I like that idea! Like the coolest way to get into a gt. BTW I fixed the word “most” in the quote

Haha oops, my typing skills lack.