I want to hold an online contest!! No longer accepting ideas!

Well didn’t it occur that maybe some kids are going to lie if it goes how I expect it plus if it is online not everyone has a YouTube account to show there tricks

I agree that a trick contest would be a bit unfair to people that aren’t as good and don’t have cameras. I think you should do a contest using only the yye site.
You could have a list of questions like: what string company is the only company to make strings that are blue/black/and white.
I could help you make it. plus I love contests

Thanks a lot Ghost’ I really appreciate that one :). A lot of great ideas in this thread…very creative.

Alot of people are saying that they can’t win because they are un-skilled, i’m doing this exactly to prevent that! You get to decide the competition!You could make it into something that you are skilled in. Keep the ideas coming guys and gals!

One thing if it is trivia people can use google not fair to people

Now preventing that your unskilled is nothing if it is trivia you can use google for answer

You should have the creepiest video contest. :stuck_out_tongue:

What if it was a video contest but the music was randomly chosen by you. It would make for some funny videos.

I say a like yoyo decorating/painting contest

Uh you relize it is an online contest right so how could you paint a yoyo?

Best paintjob wins? If Jansen enters we all lose then lol. His paintjobs are pretty sick.

Great ideas everybody! I will stop taking ideas, and create the poll tonite at 9.

I like random

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A penspinning contest!

just how do we do that it is a yoyo contest and how could we do with no cameras like I keep bringing up kids are going to lie and what are the prizes anyway if were holding a contest?

Ok… I guess your right.

I think you mis-understood, it can be ANY kind of contest, drawing, video, trivia, random, juggling, anything. For pen spinning, each entry would submit a video of them pen-spinning.

But who knows how to penspin? More people could enter if it was a yoyo contest.

I’m not saying that it IS going to be a penspinning contest, i’m just saying that if enough people wanted, it COULD be one.