Zorro's Fall 2014 Yoyo Contest

Hello everyone. It’s me running a contest again.

I plan on doing this one this fall, but I don’t know how I should have it done. For prizes, I may ask Andre, but if nothing happens, then no prizes, :-. I will ask some pros on the forums for judges so we do not run into the same problem as last time.

All I need from you right now, is to vote on how the contest shall be judged in the poll above. This poll will run for ten days. You have up to two votes. Results will only be shown after the week is up.


[b]Contest Seeding:[/b] Going back in time: Six months ago I did the Zorro's 2014 Freestyle Contest and it was a huge hit. I had Palli and Elliot Ogawa involved in judging and Andre giving out the prizes. Thanks very much to them for the fun we had. So, I have decided to make this contest part of a contest series. Every Fall and Spring, I will do a contest similar to each other with seeding. For more info (which will be coming soon on this page or another one based on this contest), PM me. Thanks

As mentioned above, I was planning to do seeding. Well, this is the way I do it:

Finals Seeding: (Top 3 from previous contest, all players listed as professional)
From Last Year:

This sounds fun.

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9 days left

Check out updates

Should totally just be a freestyle contest.

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I would like that too personally, but Knockout Stage is right along freestyle for the top position.

I believe Freestyle would attract more entry’s.

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I would prefer knockout stage cuz then I get to have fun making an awesome edited video.

Any type of yoyoing ftw

I may cut this poll short if one of the choices takes an overwhelming lead.

I was a judge too, but I remember that the judges scores weren’t counted? I’d like to help out with judging again, as long as I, along with Chase Baxter (who also judged) would be acknowledged for it and that our scores would actually be counted. It takes a long time to judge, and just discarding the scores isn’t the best thing to do…


??? I didn’t?

Oh well. Sorry about that. I don’t remember the contest well.

im in ohh yeah been wanting to do something like this.

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Great, will have registration up after the poll time is up.

Oh god, another contest…

If I remember correctly, you were busy or lazy or whatever and decided to do the judging by yourself not notifying the judges, picked the winner by yourself choosing “your favs” , promptly left YYE after that and came back here after a few months when you thought everyone else had forgotten about it.


I honestly forgot and that is not why I left. I left because the world cup and never found the time for computer. ;D

That still doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t pm the judges when you stated you did pm them then decided to just pick “your favorites” because the judges were “taking forever.” Then after you decided to just abruptly change the rules mid-contest, which, by the way, was bad because some people did their routines differently because of the original rules. So after you changed the rules and some people started getting upset, you said “If you all don’t like the way this is run. Leave. It just means less work for me.”

You didn’t update the thread or notify anyone, which is why the contest took longer then it needed to, and pretty much just fell apart. You got judges, you got participants, YOU GOT PRIZES. But in the end you decided to just pick the winners yourselves based on your personal preference.

EDIT: Just dug through the thread. This post by GregP pretty much sums it all up -

Maybe you’ll actually follow through with this contest though, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. But it’s not something I’ll be entering.

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So, you’re gonna be mad at me for something I did 6 months ago and not give me a second chance? :frowning:

I think people should get second, third, fourth chances… when they show they are improving each time. :wink:

But starting off with “Here’s a vote, but I might cut it short” (regardless of whether there’s a leader or not) is not giving great confidence that you have learned a lesson. It is showing that you are still willing to switch horses mid-stream and be the sole director of the contest. What you really need(ed) to do is pick a format, codify the rules, get all your ducks in a row, and THEN announce that you are open for contestents. This whole “trickle along, solicit input and then potentially ignore it” process is for the birds.

But, you’ve started it up and I think that means you get a chance to do better! The first step is just following through on what you said. Maybe you realized the voting period was too long or that you don’t like the idea of a vote after all… too late for that. See it through to the voting date and then jump behind whatever format is chosen with your FULL ENERGY and dedication! Only then will you actually be taking advantage of your second (third, fourth) chance.


Unfortunately I think interest will be limited without prizes. Whilst there are some forum members that are happy to compete purely for the fun of it (good on them I say!), if you really want to get a decent amount of interest you’ll probably need prizes. It gives people something to get excited about as well as motivation to really make the best attempt that they could. Heck, if you made a contest with a $1000 top prize and put the word out, the contestant list would probably read like this years WYYC. :stuck_out_tongue:

Problems arise when you decide to throw a contest for contest’s sake without really having a game plan. Ideally, you should already have planned exactly what the contest will be, what the rules are, and a deadline before you even announce it. If you already have it all worked out then you’re more likely to get the interest of sponsors. If it seems like you don’t really have a plan you can’t blame Andre or any other sponsors for being skeptical about putting money forward out of their own pockets. :-\

Now don’t get me wrong, things don’t always go to plan. I just finished a contest recently myself, and I’ll happily admit that there is plenty I would have done differently if I were able to organise it again… I had to ammend the initial rules a couple of times before we finally found a happy medium. You just make sure to learn from these things and hopefully it means you can improve on the next one. However, whilst unforseen issues can’t be helped, you should still do all you can to eliminate any unknown variables before you get into the contest.

So, basically:

  1. Having a clear game plan for the contest is more likely to attract sponsors.
  2. Having sponsors is more likely to attract participants.

I hope it all works out though. I’ll definately be watching all the videos as usual. :slight_smile: