Zorro's Fall 2014 Yoyo Contest - Contest Page - DECISION MADE SEE INSIDE!

Andre and I have decided that we will just forget about this contest. He will do one as YYE later on in the year that we all can compete in.

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I have talked with Zorro - we are going to work with him to ‘refresh’ the rules - add some prizes - and make sure that the contest is run fairly. We will present it again to the forum soon in a more official manor.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

  • André

Yes, this is all true.

We will make a completely separate post shortly, so keep an eye out. All those who have registered will have to re-register. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this is all to make things more convenient. :slight_smile:


I love prizes I better start planning a routine. :smiley:

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If Kerber is in, I don’t think I’ve got a chance. I’ve seen his videos. And Abby’s. And I’m nowhere near that level.

It’s all for fun and experience. You don’t have to win to enjoy it. I went to GA States last weekend and got 4th in 5A and 26th in 1A and enjoyed myself on stage.

When do I have to get my video in?

Dude, we just postponed the whole thing. Don’t expect to have to do anything right now. No dates are set, nothing. I will get back to you asap after Andre and I have sorted things out.

Ok, when everything is all good, take me out of 5a and out me in 4a

We will most likely only be doing 1A

I’m gonna go ahead and register whenever everything is set in stone. I’ve probably only got about 1:30 of total material when put all together, but I’ll compete anyway. Is there gonna be a <1 year division?


Just curious. I’ve not ever competed in any kind of contest.

Oh, sorry, I quoted the wrong reply. Sorry.

We have made a decision. View OP to see.

Sounds good hope to see it later in the year or next year!

I’m gonna win the next one. Just watch. Lol