A kind of useless but still needed question.


So, with their being Sumo, Go West, and Counterweight Go West, it gets rather hard to talk about them all do to the all the names. So,

  1. What should Counterweight Go West be called? In my head I’ve been calling it Go East, is that a good name?

  2. Should there be a generic name for all three of the loopesque styles? Like, 6A? Probably not 6A though, since that’s kind of a contest term…


Call it

“Questing to Mordor”


Yoyowiki has a page for this. I don’t think they sell stuff so it’s okay to talk about it right?


yup I believe it’s fine, it’s more informational than promotional. I think they have a nickname for almost all styles other than the main ones! here check it out:


I don’t really get what Sumo and Go West are, could someone link to a video?


That is my point. It has Go West and Sumo as two different things, which they are. But, since they are so similar, and since there is also Go East, I think their should be a universal name. My question is, what should it be?



(Go West, Go East)


I miss the days when styles had names that made sense.

Offstring is called offstring because the yoyo is OFF the STRING. Freehand is called freehand because your throw hand is FREE and not tied to the yoyo. Now we have all of these random 16a and 72.5a and .25a and 1a squared and go west and mobius and on and on.

Not that new styles and innovation are a bad thing - I love new style ideas! It just gets annoying when the name has nothing to do with the actual style.


As for Go west/ Go east, how about open loop and freehand open loop? It describes the style and it’s not a long or confusing name.


Yep, but I think this trend is following the whole weird trick naming thing. I will NEVER get soiled panties ???


Indeed, good sir! That is a fine name!


Just Go North. Then we’ll discuss it when you get here :slight_smile:


thisthisthisthis ;D