Did you know other styles exist besides the main five As?

Hey guys, Zammy here.

First, I wanted to say this is going to sound very Josh Yee like, as I feel the need to make an announcement, or perhaps a little paragraph about something. Something I have personally been saying over the years yet I always get criticized about it and the topic is then neglected.

Most beginning yoyoers that start off basically only learns of 1a, a style that consists of string tricks until a year or more that they fully begin to understand of the main branching styles out there. Thats 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, and 5a.

But guess what? There is other styles out there.

And it really makes me sad as a fellow thrower that has long been in the shadows of seeing styles that may be considered “alternative” get thrown into the lost history books. Have you guys ever thought to consider expanding your trick skilll set by going outside the box?

Way outside the box.

There is styles like Dualstring, Mobius and its versions, Hydra, 9a, Sumo, Double Dice, Astro, Soloham, and god knows what else has been done over the years I’ve been apart of this community.

It makes me sad seeing the major branches taken over because yoyoers tend to only learn a style “to win”. Maybe go a different path when it comes to yoyoing, a path of self exploration with creativity.

A good portion of the yoyo world probably doesn’t even know what the heck those styles are due to long dieing out and not being documented.

Get out there guys, start doing big things.

Rant-over. Sorry to sound like Josh.
I still love you Josh, I’ll step aside and let you take the mic.


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As much as I wish I could throw like a competition level yoyoer, I have to say, what actually amazes me most are the “alternative” styles.

Perhaps I’m sticking my neck out a bit too far, but it seems like most things in the main styles have been done. Sure, there are always new takes on the old tricks, and you can always go faster, or get a little more complex - but truthfully, the sub-styles are where all the really kool kats hang out, and I wish I was one of them.

Zammy, you are a true inspiration in a mostly boring world and I wish I had more time to study your material.

I’ve been trying my hand at Hydra, and am amazed at what can be done, despite my weak creativity.

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Yea I knew about these. When I first started yoyoing I searched on Google if it were more styles, And since then 1 new style has been introduced. That style is Turkey style and it was invented by Jensen Kimmitt.

Wow. I never knew that. Sounds like fun, I’ll have to try it sometime.

I never kew that I’ll try it dude

I’m well aware that they are additional styles. I forget all the names and what the specifics are, but it’s certainly interesting to see where individuals’ creativity has come up with and all the new possibilities that have become a reality as a result.

Regarding specializing, I think that comes down to one of two major possibilities. Some people may only have an interest in one style as that’s what caught their eye. Not everyone needs to like the other styles of play. Then there are the people who show proficiency in multiple styles, but are choosing to focus on a particular style. Specialization removes a lot of distraction and lets time be used more effectively and efficiently.

Then we got guys like Jayyo, someone who is choosing to not focus on one style. I saw him compete i the 5 styles at CalStates2012. The guy is good, real good. However, he’s often not placing Top 3 in any of those categories(I think it did in 1 category). Regardless of how well Jayyo does in contests, having someone like him COMPETING is good for the yoyo community, as he shows an unwillingness to specialize and mad skills in all 5 main competitive styles. I felt Jayyo should have ranked higher in a couple of divisions, but that’s just my opinion.

When I first started out almost 11 months ago(1 day short today), I was only interested in string tricks, so 1A is going to be my style for now. Since then, I’ve grown and learned, and now I want to be able to do stuff in all 5 major styles. I can do a few 4A tricks and a few 5A tricks now, so I’m on my way. I’m trying to learn looping, which is coming along nicely but not as fast as I’d like. Yet, I still focus on 1A since that’s where I want to spend most of my time for the time being. I won’t be a Jayyo, but I hope to be OK enough at these styles to talk intelligently and perform reliably for demonstration purposes.

Also, when I started out, 2A looked really boring. I mean, you do have two yoyos moving fast so its very visually stimulating, but it seemed excessively redundant to me. Even watching it live can be a bit boring for the same reason. But if you’re not interested in it, it really makes a big difference in how it’s perceived. I decided that I should learn looping and eventually work my way to 2A stuff. I think this decision was good. Even though I can’t really do looping reliably with even my dominant hand yet, I am improving. Seeing it live at CalStates only reinforced that this decision to learn looping was a good choice

That’s not to say I’m not interested in the other styles outside of the Competitive 5. At the moment, I am not. For now, it’s better for someone like me to focus on very specific things and not spread myself thin. I also choose to remain open to the possibility of expanding my interests.

We also have to look at how yoyo is perceived outside of the community. First, the community itself is a niche element, taking in individuals from all the types of social groups, but in small numbers. While the numbers themselves are actually quite large, they are so spread out that it’s not common. Second, people know either string tricks or looping tricks, although they may not understand the concept of styles. The public is used to seeing string tricks, and they are used to seeing one and even 2-handed looping, although they may not know they have names like string tricks, looping tricks, 0A, 1A and 2A. As many contests are held in public places, the reality is that people on the inside LOVE it and people on the outside find it can be annoying. They are typically passing through the area and “oh hey, some yoyo thing”, watch for a few and then keep on their merry way. Even so, seeing 3A, they won’t really get into it. 4A seems like “showing off” and 5A is “I don’t get it”. But also, competitions only focus on the 5 major styles.

I think another aspect is that the styles outside the major 5 aren’t practiced by sufficient number of people to warrant their own unique divisions, which I guess why there should be a truly OPEN division that is for all styles not in the 5 major styles. Or maybe that’s why they save it for the Artistic division.

I think it’s ideal that players be exposed to everything they can be exposed to, including these other styles. I know it’s certainly been beneficial to me to see some of this.

I am always trying out new style.
There are so many alternate styles that many players dont even think of trying.
I feel that these styles are more fun to do, hopefully more can try it.
I think of magnetic 3A style from Zach in Chico, that is a very interesting style to see.


You are right, learning new styles is great.

But I don’t have the experience you do. I don’t know how to do these kind of tricks/ styles. There are pretty much no tutorials for tricks outside of the main divisions. Thats why I love your Moebius 101. Your the only person that I know of that has created multiple tutorials for something outside of the main divisions.

There are 1A tuts being posted every day. Which makes 1A the easiest to get exposure to.

Zammy is out again! I’m trying mobius right now. as a matter a fact a mobius trick was the first part of my freestyle at pnwr!

Speaking of hydra could you give me an overview of how to get started? I don’t need a book but just the basics like string length and how to throw. I’ve been using string that is about as long as my chin to the floor and a code1 and macrocosm. Will this set up work untill I get a pair of the same yoyo? Also what division would hydra fall into for competition? Would out be 5a because the second yoyo is like a counterweight or 3a because there is 2 yoyos. Or would it only be allowed in ap?

requesting alternative style database and "how to get started"s

I’d love to try out some of these styles. möbius is great fun. I wanna see what else is out there.

I’m a real beginner at it - but next time I have a day off work I’ll see if I can throw together a quick intro to Hydra…

I heard that there is this new style where you don’t yoyo for like a year and a half and then you come back full throttle, Zammy, can you remind me what that style is called?


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It’s called break style!

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I’m really surprised this thread is actually being read and or alive. Before I posted it, I thought people were just going to tell me I was whining and to keep my mouth shut. I’ve had this happened in the past when I made such post on web-forums like yoyoing.com by sponsored players.

That is great to hear you like the alternative styles. Makes me smile quite a bit because there is very few times any of them are even mentioned. They receive no attention or dedicated players due to no database, no exchange of thought… There is infact still innovation with the main five though, I still believe that.

The Magnet styles, if Duncan can get the counterweights and stacks made correctly- is going to definitely bring 3a and 5a to a new dimension of play. Good to hear you find them fun.

Thank you for saying that, and yes unfortunately 1a gets the most exposure since that is obviously the main style that everyone will play. Many of these alternative styles have disappeared due to the age difference. Many of them were sprouting up after 2000 through 2003 and then kinda just…disappeared. Thanks for liking the Moeb 101 tutorials, I need to get back to work on them.

However, they are mentioned up over at Yoyo-wiki for what each one is. That is at least a go-point.


String length:
From what I understand for Hydra, it is two yoyos that appear as if to share one string. But that is not the case. You have to cut two strings and tie them together. You can also melt the poly so it bonds. String length doesn’t really matter, its your choice what you want it to be.

How to throw:
From what I remember, you hold the first yoyo with your pinky in the gap and ring holding it. and the second yoyo with your middle, index and thumb and hold it like you will be throwing 5a style. Throw it and let it spin. You can have the choice to throw the other throw with your lefty or righty in whichever spin direction you want. Just make sure to hold the string up from the first yoyo you throw down so you do not hit it with the second one.

What to use:
You can throw whatever yoyos you want. It doesn’t really matter exactly what you use. Although having equal throws will be more comfort in your hand and understanding of when you play.

What division would Hydra fall under:
This is one of those extremely tough decisions because quite frankly it doesn’t fall under any except smaller competitions that do “Open” where anything goes except 1a. It doesn’t fall under 3a because you have to have the string connected to your finger. It doesn’t fall under 5a because you are not allowed two yoyos. So you are right, it more then likely only falls under AP.

For Moebius, there is two databases I’ve made. check them out:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Möbius-yoyoing/123950550979070 <-- Moebius-yoyoing, the fanpage on facebook.
http://moebiusyoyoing.tumblr.com/<-- Moebius-yoyoing, the tumblr blog.
http://www.youtube.com/zamstrom<-- My youtube channel that has the Moebius 101 tutoruals on there.



Thanks for the tips zammy! Hopefully I can get good enough at hydra to give it some decent exposure.

keep this thread up … this is definitely interesting!!! thanks Zammy

Hydra sounds amazing. Ive grown a bit tired of 1A since starting in September, and have now moved onto mainly 5A. I hope to expand from that to a DD setup and possibly try hydra. Then who knows.

Hydra is amazing! I’ve only been doing it for a few days but out has already replaced 1a as my favorite style!