There are many styles within yoyoing, you got the main 5 competition styles, and then you have the other styles such as Moebius, soloham, go west, etc.

Most of us will tend to only stick to one style or maybe 2, and some others will try to go and learn all of them for fun.

For the most part, it would seem that everyone equally appreciates all styles, but one thing I have noticed is that for some, this isn’t true.

In person at contest, on comments on videos on forums, youtube vimeo etc, I have noticed a disturbing trend of mostly kids who will say: 2A is so boring, its the worst style. or , people who do 5A just arent creative enough to do 1A.

I hate seeing comments like that, but I have noticed it more.

I see blatant hate toward certain styles of yoyoing from people all around and its really sad to see this.

I want to remind you all that its not like one style is the best and or easiest. All styles have their difficulties, all styles take great skill to master, and for one to go out and say “that style fails” is really stupid.

So many of these kids saying this haven’t even tried the styles they are putting down, or some maybe have tried and didn’t enjoy it, I can understand not enjoying a style, but to go and say a stupid comment like (style) is the worst and so boring, its downright stupid.

Learn to appreciate all styles and the players who do them. Don’t go putting down the things which make our yoyo world a yoyo world.

All styles are equal in my opinion, I may be better at some than others, doesnt mean one can be placed over the other. Anyone who says that is a dweeb who isn’t worth your time.

Respect all, try all if you can.

Its who we are.

Stay legit.



Josh, I enjoy watching your performances for the reason that you are proficient in each competition style… That sets a good example

good to hear.

i agree i hate it when people say stuff like 4A is five years ago because 4A is fun and its as equal as all the other styles of yoyoing

The people who say a certain style is boring or not creative are the people that don’t know how to do that style. :wink:

Moebius is soo fun

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I agree with you for once. Good post Jayyo. People love to bathe in igmorance, at least learn about something before hating.

A lot of people respect you Josh because you’re one of the few yo-yoers that can do almost all competitive styles.

You should try for Combined Division (if it ever comes back) at worlds.

Soemtimes I despise you Jayyo, then on other few occasions you post something like this. I enjoy it and makes me realize somewhere way deep down, you might actually be a good guy :wink: Good post, keep it up sir!

This might be a typos question, but could anyone explain what moebius, soloham, and go west are? Also, are there any others?

For explanation, Styles Of Play | YoYo Wiki | Fandom

And yes! There are others.

Moebius is my favorite “extraneous” style… You can do some pretty neat stuff with it…
And I’m not very skilled at 4a yet, so I havnt tried soloham

Can’t… move… fingers…

yea, I try to play every style. I’m pretty decent at them too. I’m not competition level, but I can do some tricks in 4a, 5a,3a, and I’ve learnd how to barely double loop.

That’s because they’re idiots who are jelly

Josh created .5A!?

this is moebius

To whom it may concern,

It has come to my attention that you have posted the following:

Notwithstanding what appears to be an overwhelming public concurrence with such a claim, it seems likely to me that it stems from a recent controversial study which polled only a limited group of non-yoyoers or relatively new yoyoers, and failed in assembling a properly relevant sampleset to achieve a useful result. Moreover, the ambiguity in the term “do” referring to execution of unspecified maneuvers related to a given style of yoyoing merely confuses the issue, particularly in regards to where a practical line should be drawn between individuals who do and do not know how to “do” a style.

I think it only fair to inform you that there is no shortage of documented cases of individuals who, when interviewed, do not say a given style is “boring” or “not creative” (or words to a similar effect), yet admit a total or near-total ignorance of the same style, especially concerning personal execution of any maneuvers thereof. As such, evidence suggests that your claim is not only factually misguided, but also logically flimsy.

I would encourage you to consider treading more carefully before posting in the future so as to promote and eventually preserve the dependability and authenticity of your claims. This is a matter of deep concern to those of us who value and advocate a properly supportive and informative environment for individuals interested in obtaining knowledge relating to yoyoing.



What is Mobieus? how do u do it

Moebius is when you take the string loop off of your finger and do tricks involving it.

example 1
example 2
example 3