Did you know other styles exist besides the main five As?

What happened to Hadoq’s super long post. Am I seeing things?

False. In 2A and 3A, the restriction is only that there may not be more than two yoyos in play at a time, and in 4A and 5A there are no restrictions on the number of yoyos in play. These rules are deliberately left open so that you can do silly variants like hydra and soloham, as well as mix 4A or 5A in with 3A (or 2A, in rare cases) should you so desire.

I would put hydra in the 3A division, since there are two yoyos spinning and no actual counterweight.

Also, Moebius is 1A.

Been trying my hand at mobius. Pretty fun so far but I can’t do much more than the very basic double triangle you get from placing the YoYo in the loop. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are not seeing things. He went overboard on some topics and thus there was a alot more personal commentary then actual contributing to the thread. So he edited it out. I seen most of it anyways.

Either I’m missing something or the rules changed, because I did not know of that at all, my mistake and thank you for jumping in to fill in the gap of information.

Yes, Moebius is 1a…

Soloham and Hydra and other substyles are not silly. Untapped is the correct word.

So if that is the case what about Cherry style? When there is a CW in between the two connected yoyos with two yoyo strings tied to CW. Hm?

Goodluck with it :slight_smile: Have fun, explore and keep doing it till you get good!

Cherry style would probably be

Untapped would go for like the whole of yoyoing. Of course, so would silly…

Cherry style could go either way. I’d probably enter the 3A division if I were doing it, but it’s legal in either. And that’s definitely a silly style.

Thanks for clearing that up, Zammy. Hadoq did go overboard.

I thought Soloham was a single trick…

It’s a difficult enough style just to do in the first place that most people don’t get past the basic roll.

There’s another style, I don’t know what it’s called, but you thrown down the yoyo, and it unscrews, and your left with one side of the yoyo spinning
On the string. I don’t know for sure who invented it, but I think that maybe Josh Yee invented it. My point is that there is many different styles out there, and it’s endless possibilities, so

Josh Yee made it come to light back in his early days of throwing. Its 1/2 A I believe is what it scalled. I’m not sure if there is possibilities with that unless one tries to turn it into a top and doing top like tricks with it.

Pretty awesome people are speaking in this. I’m thinking of making an official thread in the “Yoyotricks” section for people to speak about it. Perhaps do a break down of each Alt style so people can understand it a little better, at least here on YYE.


I’ve always wanted to try 13A and doubles, but I’m too lazy. Videos for reference:

I think there is a 17a division, but it’s only played in Japan and China. In this division they use two yoyos with one string :slight_smile:

reading this thread makes me want to do moebius again…It’s so awesome!!! And it’s different, so, yeah.

@bulljasp- I’ve never heard of 17a division, care to elaborate or are you just making that up?

@offstring-steward- Try it out again dude, its super fun if you open up your mind to it.

@Liife- Are you steven Kinder by chance? Thanks for posting about 13a and Doubles, totally forgot about those two! Tommygun was such a master for Doubles but it seems it never kicked off which is a shame. I wish Jake would of payed more attention to that double 5a, it seems to have potential in some way.

Anyways, the point of this thread was just for fellow yoyoers to think outside of the box and perhaps strive away from the norm when it comes to yoyoing. Because its funny, people say how “unique” my 1a is but it all came from my Moebius style of play.



There’s also double dragon that Ky does

Guys, please look at the date that this was posted…

9a is so fun but I broke a ceiling fan doing it once…

We can revive it seeing as they are valid responses Link. Remember, don’t try to play moderator. If they had an issue they’d say it. And Zammy is still around so…

A few responses in I see that, but seeing this being revived by a member who replies with one word and is his first post kinda triggered something within me. Sorry about that :smiley: