What do y'all think of my style?

I’ve been yoyoing for a little bit under 3 years, wanted to ask what do y’all think fo my style and trick composition; more-so the tricks in the beginning then the end because around the end I used simple tricks to just show off 1 element but yeah tell me what y’all think!!!

The beginning was great. Your style is nice, you have a style that I really like. Really solid yoyoing. However, when it comes to making combos, try to not put two combos together, rather try to blend them. So for example, if your combo is in a trapeze or some other simple mount, end the trick.


Very nice, flowy, technical, and original. That gyro to fingerspin trick was sick! My only complaint is that this wasn’t on stage. :wink:

I was impressed dude. I’ve been into yo-yoing just as long as you, but you made me feel pretty slow, XP I’m no where that good when it comes tricks. I really suck at combos. But yeah man that was sick. Keep it up!

Much jealous :wink:

Question, after doing the gyro and popping onto your finger, how did u bind it?
It started a sideways throw but it looks like you did a front-style laceration bind horizontally :confused:

Asking because I want to learn it :slight_smile:

basically I threw the string into the gap hard enough to make it bind. the same way if your doing brain twister and rubbed the gap it’ll bind

Great style man. Nice flow.


got swagger

thats tight bruh

The first part was really smooth!

Such wow much good such great

Such technicality!~ I love it :slight_smile:

Step one: compete

2: win

3: repeat

;D ;D

I had to watch that regen around 1:56 multiple times cause it was soo damn smooth I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. I’m still not sure, I assume that was a regen.

Whoa! You’re crazy good to have started 8 months ago! I started 3 months ago and I’m nowhere near your level of speed and trick difficulty. How long did you “practice” (I put it in quotations because I never consider myself practicing, it’s more like playing a lot and getting better in the process) everyday? I better step up my game because I want to be as good as that by the end of this year. gg dude. ;D