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please help

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with combos my bad


Combos aren’t a bunch of tricks done on the same throw, they are generally certain elements of tricks that go together smoothly, the number one thing is practise.

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thanks i ll just keep practicing cause im trying gyro flop to eli hop but my yoyo just dies


its hard to give better advice than to say practice! the number one reason that people have troubles, as hard as it is to accept, is simply a lack of experience…

the best way to practice is to start slow going element by element gradually gaining speed and smoothness… the possibilities are endless, and take a bit of creativity, but yoyoing is not something you can be a pro at over night… you gotta put your time in

keep throwing, and never give up


Try and pull he string into the center of the bearing for longer flops.

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thanks ill try that


Perfect couldn’t have said it better myself other than… PRACTICE NOW!!!


nice very nice but that will take some to do all zis ???


It is like your trying to type with an accent.


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