how do you get your tricks down smoother and faster?


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Hey guys, I was wondering, how do people get all of there combos/tricks down so smoother, fast and never mess up etc. I know practice, but anything else?
also, im like advanced almost part 2, and I feel like I should be like intermediate?! does anyone have that feeling too?


There really is no other way beside practicing


Do it over and over. It will eventually be super easy. Then do it over and over a little faster, once again, it will be just as easy as going slow once you do it enough. Repeat the process


Hmm? You must not know about the secret to learning all yoyo tricks in 3 weeks or less!

First, you must relax. Loosen your body. But tense your mind.
What I like to do is throw a few tricks to get my palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy
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Haha guys!! Im talking about stuff lie this, there was a post sating if you play a really light throw, then play a normal throw, you will become faster, there were more, but yah.

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More like moving from a really heavy yoyo to a normal/light yoyo
Got it a tad bit backwards haha!


Oh ya lol… Is there a contest in Chico ca? Is it like October or April or something?


Practicing on a smaller yoyo generally can help you improve your accuracy.

Having trouble landing every hop in Kamikaze? Try it on a Popstar.


All I have is hope, for every hop in Kamikaze


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Sleep with a yoyo in each hand.




Love that song. I have to agree with links here, if you’re hands and arms are tense than it will be harder to have the yoyo go smoothly and freely.



I recommend trying to do tricks that require you to hit the string over and over again. Something like rewind requires you to hit the string and gets you in the habit of doing so and it also doesn’t have pops like kwijibow. Try doing rewind over and over then faster and faster. But magic is probably your best bet.


Once I get a trick down OK, I switch up yoyos. Size, weight, width, mix it all up. Make sure I can land it on stuff big and small. AND practice as much as possible.