Tips on becoming faster and smoother?


If anyone has any tips on becoming a faster and more smooth yoyoer please pm me.


Just practice, practice, practice, buddy! I wish there was some magical formula but that’s what it comes down to.



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I’m going to differ here and say that you’ll get better results through either regimented or ad hoc repetition (the fun kind) and experimentation (the yoyo kind). In time, your speed and smoothness will be higher!

Heck with this practice stuff.


Practice man… practice


Also brush your teeth, that always helps ::slight_smile:


Yea practice, but u guys aren’t telling him to practice what lol

Sure u can practice all u want by if u don’t practice specifically on getting faster… Ur not going to get faster.

When you aren’t practicing any new tricks and just free throwing, throw as fast as u can without messing up too much. Keep doing this and ull slowly be yoyoing faster


Buy a really expensive yo-yo. That is the key. :wink:


There is one thing that may or may not apply to you:
Shortening your string can provide more control over the yoyo depending on how long your string already is. Of course, it might also not do anything at all except make you uncomfortable, but a little experimentation goes a long way. Try different yoyos, different strings, string lengths, etc…

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t go fast without any yoyo. What everyone is saying is the absolute most important part of yoyoing. You just gotta put some elbow grease into it and practice. Have a clear goal in mind and reach that goal using a method preferable to you.


It’s all about muscle memory, if you want to get a particular combo down faster, just slowly perform it faster and faster to gain muscle memory or just practice with your eyes closed. If you just want to become faster in general, use a lighter yoyo, yoyo as fast as you can straight up from a strong throw, or do both but if you don’t react fast enough or have some tricks (slow or fast) down by muscle memory, that speed catches up to you and ruins the speed and flow.


why is everyone talking about getting faster? who cares if I’m fast! it’s the tricks that matter not the speed. some tricks are good for speed some are not.

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A lot of yoyoing time.
By a lot I mean years of practicing consistently. If it only took a few days or weeks to be a really good yoyoer, everyone must be one right now.


Have you seen Charles haycock do rancid milk?
Have you seen the yotricks guy do rancid milk?
Make observations cause both their tricks are the same, but executed differently, try experimenting with body movements and pacing, and like everyone else says, PRACTICE


Yah, you don’t need things to be fast, look at guy wright’s 2014 cal states performence, he’s not fast, but dang those tricks are smooth