How do people yoyo so fast?


I watched Michael Nakamura’s performance at BAC this year and I had no idea how he go at that speed. Do any of you know how to yoyo that fast?


They practice so much that they dont even have to think about itwhen theyre going through the combos
Their muscles just do it

(Also a hint of magic is involved)


It’s just like getting faster at anything.

You start slow and work your way faster and faster. It’s important that you can do your tricks smoothly and cleanly before you try getting super fast with it, because in most cases speed makes it harder to control.

Also like DoubleBass said muscle memory plays into it. If you don’t have to think about what you’re going to do next you can eliminate any pause between tricks.

And there’s some tricks that are good for speed because they don’t slow the momentum of the yoyo down. But you can do pretty much any trick quickly with practice.


Practice, and drugs! ::slight_smile:
Disclaimer: drugs will not make you play faster, but practice will!

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I don’t know, there’s this guy out in Albuquerque…
All I’m saying is I could do the spirit bomb in .2 seconds


Haha,im here in Albuquerque. That’s a funny reference with the blue meth yoyo lol! :slight_smile:


Practice man… practice


This is… perfection…


-Hey, this yoyo is blue!
-Yes we used a different machining process to make it, but I assure you, it is still 100% smooth

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If you wanna go that fast, it’s not simply just “practice” and every trick will be fast, the trick must be made ground up with speed in mind. Sure, pretty much any trick can be done faster with enough practice, but it’s bound to have a limit. Tricks that are not meant for speed may look sluggish or even impossible to be done fast, take suicides as an example.
That being said, try making some combos that consist of speedy-ish tricks, then practice to do them fast, as smooth as possible. If you’re fast but not being smooth, slow down, just focus on being smooth. Sometimes you may want to add or reduce some elements that are “holding” you up, or maybe add some slow elements in-between as a banger, it’s up to you.


I heard a rumour that his pants are so tight he rips through his freestyle as fast as possible then as soon as he’s off stage he undoes his pant button