Extreme Speed yoyoing?

I have always been capable of faster yoyoing.

But does anyone have tips on hitting insane Hiroyuki Suzuki speeds?

Like, crazy speed, how do I do it?

You have to practice it. You can’t “just do it”. Play at a pace a little faster than ur usually comfortable with(so you would be rushing a little) until that pace becomes comfortable, then go a little faster, then faster… Then faster… Until u are… Suzuki II

There are tutorials for a few of Mickeys combos on youtube. Learn them and then try and get them fast and it should give you a better feel for it. =)

Bear in mind though, theres a reason why so few people can go at those speeds, as well as why Hiroyuki is famed for it. It takes a heck of a lot of practice and skill, so you’ll need to work your bum off!

Short string helps.

You’ll want to learn/create tricks that are designed for speed. Notice that Hiroyuki only goes full speed for a few tricks that are best suited for it–you won’t necessarily be able to speed through everything and make it look good. The tutorials Gambit mentioned should help with that. In general, things like changing the yoyo’s direction after string hits, keeping the yoyo moving in circular-ish patterns, and tricks where the string stays taught most of the time the yoyo is moving tend to speed up well, but you can experiment with what does and doesn’t work.

It is definitely something that takes a lot of practice. Practicing going fast helps, but so does making sure you can hit the trick consistently and smoothly at a slower pace. Part of going fast is being able to transition between elements quickly and smoothly. To do that, you have to be accurate enough and confident enough that you will hit each element to start maneuvering for the next element while you are still landing the current one. If you wait to make sure you hit one part before moving on to the next, that breaks up the trick’s rhythm. Speeding up can just end up making the breaks more apparent, so it’s important to be able to flow through the transitions quickly and smoothly to be able to play fast. You have to build up the foundation of being able to do the trick well as well as the ability to move the yoyo quickly, so it will probably help to practice the trick both fast and slow.

Once you have your trick, to get faster, you should use the same technique musicians use, mentioned by andy569. First, make sure you have it down. Then increase the speed just a touch, and practice that. When you’re good with that pace, bump it up a notch. Normally you’d use a metronome, but there is no such thing for yoyoing. Eventually you’ll be way faster than you were originally. Good luck.