Speedy Tricks

I need some long, fast tricks. Any tips on speeding up? I don’t really lack in speed but I need to know more fast tricks. Tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

Practice. Once you learn a trick you will get faster the more you are comfortable.

But there are certain tricks that flow better for fast tricks

Skin the gerbil!
Or look up mickys speed combo

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A shorter string definetely helps. A lighter yoyo tends to move faster than a heavy one. Fast yoyo examples are in my favorite yoyo list. The phenom, speeder 2, skyline, and many others play fast. but more than anything, its your familiarity with the trick, and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

The only thing i can do alright is play fast. I suck when it comes to tech, most whips and most slacks. Im alright with lacerations. It seems to me that people tend to have there own thing! Dont force it and dont be too descouraged if you cant play fast well. I learned to just get over the fact that i have a hard time with whips… :stuck_out_tongue: But still keep practicing! Just try not to let a yoyo destroy your mood.

check out mrmatio’s tutorial for mickey’s speed combo

Try starting out in double or nothing. Paul Kerbel and Paul Han both have fast stuff thats not too hard to learn the basics of. Just watch tue 2 of them closely.