Speed combos

Hey I am getting ready for ner and I just want some ideas to add to this speed combo sorry you can’t really see the strings it’s orange and the room is very bright https://vimeo.com/176322592

More speed?If you want to score high on speed combos,you need to do them fast,what you did was at a tech speed.So,i guess,more practice?
oh,and check out MrMatio on YT.he has some good speee combos there.Speed in yoyoing=muscle memory.And you get that with practice.Also,what yoyo you have? You cant really be fast with every yoyo.

       I agree, you need to work on adding more speed to the combo.  If you struggle making it faster I suggest practicing skin the gerbil until you can do it fast. That will help you to get used to moving the yoyo around quicker.  Then learn one of the simple kamikaze mount speed combos on YouTube.  Practice that until you can do it fast.  After doing those two things you could work on making your combo quicker. 
       This is just what I did when I started learning speed tricks.  I don't know how much experience you have with all this stuff, and I don't know what "ner" is either.  I am just giving you some advice, and am not trying to be bossy.  Good luck.