So…after seein some of iori yamakis stuff…wow…i have a question…how people get that insane speed in their combos?and,how do i know if in like speed or tech better




the first main thing is practice,
the secon is if you compare the tech tricks of zach gormley with yori yamaki
you will see that zach’s trick are way more complex than yori’s
with less complex tricks you can go faster so you can score more on string hits
but with realy complex tricks you can score more on complexity and diversity

hope this helps


Practice is the biggest thing. You will have to know the tricks exceptionally well. Be able to do it smoothly with your eyes closed :wink:

Step up speed in increments. Don’t try to go from 0 to 100 real quick. Take it up slowly, making sure you can keep it consistent even with the extra speed.

Another helpful thing is the yoyo. Of corse, the yoyoer is the main thing but having the correct tools is also exceptionally helpful.

You can do both speed and tech. Personally I always loved speed, but ever since I hit myself in the eye I’ve been trying to tune it down a bit…


I’m with you on the speed. Mind blowing how fast these guys can play. Been slowly picking up the pace. Seems still slow to me but to others watching they say I’m cooking


Practice and repeat :stuck_out_tongue: