Speedy tricks

So i really enjoy the very fast speedy style that a lot of japanese yoyoers seem to do a lot! (hiroyuki fir instance) with pretty simple elements, but executed very quickly. i´m having a hard time finding combo´s to copy and i´m not very good… so its hard for me to make up my own and make them look any different to what i already do. so does someone have some videos/tutorials for fast tricks/combo´s that i can copy? or maybe just some advice on making those tricks, what elements might be nice to use.

Combo´s i already learned:


same guy tuts :wink:

just discovered him today :smiley:

I love how deceptively simple these tricks are :slight_smile:

I know right! They seem so hard but there just done super fast 8) :stuck_out_tongue:

yea but if u wont do them super fast u wont get the effect and to do it super fast isnt that easy :slight_smile: i decide to learn them at all cost wont be learning anything else untill i can do them fast :slight_smile:

yeah they really are :wink: but the speed part is pretty hard :smiley:

Speed comes after technique. Jeez I love yoyo philosophy.

Even a mighty waterfall can stem from slow streams.
One must become fluid like water, allowing your hands the freedom to take any form.

Let’s write a book dude^^^ lol