The Speed Combo Thread

Welcome fans of intense speed play! All skill levels allowed. Show your favorite players’ combos, flex your very own speed combo, share your progress or ask/discuss on gear, advice or tutorials on how to better your speed combo.

Rails, Frontstyle, Horizontal, Wrist Mount combos, anything speedy is welcome here!


Here’s my top speed right now. I would love to achieve Mickey level speed but i need to grind a lot to get there lol.


A very small percentage of this forum does speed

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A very small percentage of this forum does 3A


I’ll see what I can do tomorrow


That’s why I have a thread for my own tricks and haven’t made a general “3a thread” :joy:

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And thats why this thread for Speed Combos exists, for anyone to participate.

Now, post a speed combo or get out of here lol.


@Durfee 70+ gram hunk of what? Here some of my speed:


Noiceeeeee. Is that thing 70g? That’s crazy.

It sure is, can’t really feel the weight though

I used to be super speed obsessed. But now I want to maintain my image as a tech player lol.

Does anyone have a link to longer speed combo tutorial?

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Woah woah I said it was a Hulk. Much more positive than hunk.


Hope it came off as more of a sarcastic tone then an attack, my bad

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Hunk, hulk, whatever, 70+ grams is a lot for a yoyo so I don’t think you should be offended by someone saying it is heavy. If it plays good and you like it, that’s all that matters.

And yea, id like to follow a tutorial on an entry speed combo, anybody got links? So far I just shred the basics when I want to go fast, but these “speed combos” look fun.

I’m still working on that speed combo you sent me - there’s a few parts I find fairly difficult, but I enjoy the challenge!

I was just making sure you knew I wasn’t trying to take a shot at your yo-yo, just goofing around. I wouldn’t actually insult something that personal to someone.

Speed combos look fine slower as well.

I like them better slower, not a fan of speed with a yoyo, too much work :slight_smile:


Gentry’s combo is decently long


Yeah I didn’t think that you were taking any shots, I was just messing around

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