Recommendations for a speed combo?

Getting down some more “technical” stuff, but really want to ramp up speed. Any suggested combos to work on??

Check out mr Matio on YouTube for speed combos. He has some good ones for Suzuki and gentry on there, as well as others. :slight_smile:

make sure your string is shorter too…

Shorten the string?

It makes it easier to play faster and gives you more control

yup… i actually bought shorter string(40 inches i think) recently compared to what ive been using and the difference is really noticible after messing around with it for a while

just mash what you know how to do together and go faster with it

Been working on mrmatio front brain twister combo. Speed really brings out any errors in your game for sure! Miss a lot more than when going at normal speed. Also i have gotten feedback from family watching me practice that goin faster isn’t necessarily “cooler” to the eye. They had me slow down my black hops/kwyjibo/matrix combo and said it looked more impressive…maybe speed isn’t all it’s cracked up to be :thinking:

It all depends on how you do it and peoples preference. Some peoples speed looks kind of jerky and unperfected. I like a good mixture of speed and flowy tech.

What’s your go to moves/combo?

Pretty much home grown combos and such… I haven’t learned tricks straight from people in a long time