I'm too used to going slow


I’m trying to make some brain twister combos and I’m not used to ever pushing my speed, especially doing a forward throw :-[

What are your tips to bringing up the speed of your tricks and still making it look good?


The only thing is to speed up your motion and practice, practice, practice.


Shorter string for more control makes you faster as well.

I like mine about 40" which is about a meter. Any longer and its a chore to control.


You have to really focus on keeping the yoyo in plane to speed up braintwister combos. If the yoyo starts swinging toward either side, it can kill the trick really quickly. It might help to work on getting the combo you want to do down smoothly and in plane at a slower speed so you can focus on learning the exact movements you have to make. Then focus on keeping those same movements at faster and faster speeds.


Hand-eye coordination mostly. It does take a lot of practice to get it where you want it to be, but just push yourself little by little that is how I got speed, don’t just go max speed because you will hurt yourself so build up your momentum at a slow pace.