Faster Tricks???

I haven’t been doing much “speed” tricks, only tricks like And Whut? White Bhudda, Ladder Escape, which aren’t that fast. Anyways, I want to start doing some faster tricks. Any good ones? I’m around master level.

Well, when Andre does white bhudda at the begining of the tut I thought that was pretty fast. And after doing and what for a while I got it down pretty fast. I think the trick to doing fast tricks is 1: cut your string shorter. 2: practice them a bunch.

Learn some braintwister combos get good at them they look good fast
here’s one that i like and do all the time

I guess these are braintwister combos, (I just made the combo up!) my video is really fast, at least people say:

hope I helped!

I genuinely feel that any trick can be fast, and any trick can be slow. If you want to play fast, adjust your style accordingly.

if you have time this works. watch hiroyuki suzuki videos till you cant hold your eyelids open anymore. anylize each one and try to figure out what elements of tricks you already know he uses. just goof around with those until you figure it out then practice.

like XDohl said, any trick can be done at any speed. i like to do the beginning of my combos fast, slow down on one specific trick, and then sppeed up again. it’s all about practice and the way you play. you can speed some tricks up and slow down others.