Fast moving tricks


Can anyone point me in the direction of some fast moving string tricks? similiar to kamikaze


Skin the Hamster , Spirit Bomb, Ladder escape , Yuuki Slack, Hook, Eli Hops,… Lots of it @@ !!


dosent get much faster than that :slight_smile:


Ninja’d. :slight_smile: That video has some great elements to incorporate into your own combos.

(M²) #5

All tricks very in speed depending on the performer, but if you look for tricks with less whips, you’ll probably be able to get them faster. Peng Pong is one of my favorites. There is a tutorial for it on RethinkYoyo.


I think I just tend to do tricks at a slower pace but when I watch videos online everyone seems to just be flying thru tricks so I wasn’t sure if maybe my style is just a more relaxed one or if there were certain tricks that just moved faster. I’ve been using for a while now and i’ve just got into his Level 4 tricks so i’ll have to try that Peng Pong out.


Skin the gerbil and trap door are fast moving thats a start