Combo tips?

So I’m on the 4th combo for my competition freestyle (2 min) and I’m at the point where the music picks up and I want to throw in some faster-moving combos. So far, though, I’ve been doing more deliberate, slacky stuff so I’m having a bit of a slow start on this one (I’m also kind of mentally exhausted from coming up with new tricks every day). Anyone have any suggestions?

So you need a high speed banger for when your music picks up?? I believe you can find inspiration in Hiroyuki Suzuki’s Speed Combo.

Here is a great breakdown video for his style of play. Im sure this will lead you in the right direction.

A little on the fast side for me, but should definitely get some cogs turning. I’m thinking of doing something a little more technical, maybe along the lines of some of Charles Haycock’s speedier tricks. I’ve also got a neat little suicide repeater that I’m going to try to fit in.