Need help making a speed combo

I have been practicing quite a lot these few days, but I am still not able to make a speed combo of my own, everything somehow gets complicated at some point.
Therefore, if any of you good people could give me some tips on which tricks to do trick by trick, I would strongly appreciate that!


Learn or look at the iori yamaki or hiroyuki speed combo tutorial my mrmattio. You’ll see that there are some repeated elements being used in those two combos. One wall that many people come across when making a combo is that they want to be original but don’t have the patience or inspiration to create one that satisfies them. It’s not bad to use elements that other people commonly use in their freestyles. I suggest you to learn those two combos, then mix n match some of the elements being used to create a foundation combo that you can work with and edit in the future.

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If you aren’t used to making speed combos then learn some other people’s speed combos first to get into the mindset. It also depends on what kind of speed combo you want. I feel like rail combos, front mount speed combos, and wrist mount speed combos are the most common.


Hey @Swain!

Heres a great breakdown of a speed combo by mr Matio!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: