High Speed Play and other questions


how do you guys get to play like super fast. i know some people can play at mickey’s/shinya’s speeds. is it really just a matter to practice?

also for barrel rolls and other split bottom mount tricks, how do you get the strings aligned such that your rolls will be easy and accurate? Many combos i see use the element from the takashi boing where the yoyo is popped out and back in again… dont think it can be done smoothly unless the strings are well aligned.

help is appreciated!

i don’t really plays really fast, but i am pretty sure that with alot of pratice you will get it fine :smiley:

it takes alot of practise to be like micky he has been yoyoing yor a long time

playing with speed is a matter of practice. another thing that contributes to speedplay is the yoyo design. the speeder and speedmaker are built for speed. smaller yoyo’s also cut trough the air faster and play at a faster level.
for barrel rolls, the strings don’t have to really be ligned up. as long as you pop your hand STRAIGHT forward you’ll be fine. as for other split bottom mount tricks. you just have to really keep them aligned and start aligning them from the beginning. this has helped me through these tricks.
Good luck!

Pop the yoyo towards the other strings. And the shape of the yoyo doesn’t matter that much to me, it’s more of weight and size. A sharp rim wouldn’t help that much, it might speed the yoyo up by like 0.001 if a mile compared to a unsharp rim. You normally don’t play so fast that air has effect. To me, wind just effects my string. (Try doing a plastic whip on a windy day…)

Usually, using a shorter string makes quick play easier. Also, just doing the trick repeatedly helps your muscle memory.

ya just lots of practice on both q`s