playing fast

i have a question what is recomended to play fast like string/yoyo/shape/high wall,low wall please help just trying to speed up play for christmas do i can use my freq wave and irony to good use lol

For a yoyo to play fast, it typically is mid weighted, over sized, v shaped, rim weighted, and with a very low wall. To play fast, learn to do the tricks you want to do fast at your normal speed, then speed those tricks up.

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I would learn a really cool front style combo practice allot at normal speed then slowly make it faster then start learning fast side style. Front style is much easier to make fast because generally you aren’t doing very difficult moves and your hands are mostly doing the same thing over and over just slightly different.Also for the record the freq.wav is (in my humble opinion) RecRevs best yoyo :slight_smile:

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The best way to play fast is to first learn the trick and gradually build up speed. Another way to practice is to swing the yoyo in a circle quickly and reverse its direction by bouncing it off a trapeze.
One very important tip is to keep your hands and arms and even distance apart and make sure that they are perfectly in line with each other; if they are slightly out of line, the yoyo will turn sideways under the stress of the string.

I feel like speed is just a natural byproduct of knowing a trick. Just do it over and over until its under your fingers so well that you can perform it at any speed you want

I agree with everything Yonut said, with the addition of great stability. The more stable a yoyo is, the easier it will be to play fast. High stability also leaves a little bit of room for error.

uumm wall??? wut’s that?

The flat area of the yoyo that is around the bearing and response area. A yoyo with a bigger flat area has a “high wall”, and a yoyo with a smaller flat area or no flat area at all has a “low wall”.

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