any tips for fast yoyoing?

how do you yoyo fast? Do you just do the tricks at a faster speed? Also, are there certain moves and techniques that are used in this style?

Not totally sure, but I believe it is normal tricks just faster. (I’m not 100% so someone correct me if I’m wrong) Also, I know that they make yo-yos that are designed to play fast.

Ok. I have an irony jp which i think i heard is designed for fast play.

as legyoyo said, “fast play” is just the speed at which you perform tricks.

Everyone has their own style, Take the trick Boingy Boing, some people take there time and show off the bounces and methodically watch where the yoyo hits the string. Others (Ann connolly, and a couple of the C3 YYDesign guys) make there bounces super fast in order to impress people.

Most yoyos can be played at any pace of play but there definitely are yoyos designed and based around fast play, I can’t remember any off the top of my head but if I do I’ll update this.

Tip #1: Cut your string. Slightly shorter string can translate to much faster play. If you watch Hiroyuki Suzuki you’ll notice that his string is very short, even for his height.
Trick design also does play a role. While you can do any trick at varying speeds, rolls and string hits are often faster than slacks or body tricks. Again, take a look at Hiroyuki Suzuki.

ok. so people like hiroyuki suzuki just speed up their combos?

basically, yes.

If you watch peoples combos, Ann Connolly as my main example, She does really basic frontstyle tricks but can do a normal speed combo that would take a minute in about 30-40seconds.

She messes up a bit in this video, but it’s the first that I searched for, you can see she goes into a split bottom mount then speeds up alot of bounces/flips before messing up of course.

  • Short string
  • Fast yoyo build
  • Tricks you know really well

You’ll want to build a routine with the tricks you’ve got really down and do that routine a lot. You should be able to pick the speed up with practice. Also keep in mind that some tricks are a bit slower in nature like slack and whips (Can be done quickly but not easily).