Did you know other styles exist besides the main five As?

Like I siad, let the mods handle that. If they feel there’s an issue they’ll fix it. They normally don’t like us attemtping to do their roles, just an FYI. I’m getting back into Moebius lately anyway so…yeah…derp

I love how double dragon looks but I can’t get how to throw it correctly.

I can throw it… That’s all I can do…

I like to try as many odd styles as possible

Cool story bro. Have a nice day.

I’d like to see more Double Dragon if people would step up.
Id like to see more Moebius if people would even try it.
that goes for the other styles.

But whatever, I’ve given up hope for people even doing anything remotely out of the box.

I actually really like Moebius and I’m thinking about doin it forrealz because there are so many new tricks to do in it. Also because I can throw it haha unlike double frickin dragon

Zammy, chill pill or I’ll spam you on FB. xD TBF, I’m learning…so that’s SOME hope.

Honestly, I’m the only person I’ve known to practice slippery eel.

It may help if there were vids posted with examples of said styles too. I want to learn a LOT

If you’d like me to post some slippery eel stuff, I can. it’s essentially 5A without a counterwieght.

That’s why Zammy made this thread. Share and post vids. teach the world outside the initial 5 As

This thread makes me want to do moebius. Looks really cool. I’m branching into 4a for giggles and it’s the only other style I like so far. I can’t handle the whole two things at once idea.

Dude, I love 4A. But yeah, Moebius takes a tad to get used too, but worth it for the fun and wow factor.

woahhhhhh… Meeeowww. Zammy, I will admit, people aren’t branching as much as they did (literally. Not kidding, to the people who are reading this. The community was pretty different a year ago), but people still do it. For example, I play 1A (normally and Excalibur), 4A (even with a counterweight lol), a little 3A, a little 2A, and of course, 5A (along with double die, astro, and slippery eel!). Heck, I’ve even spent a week on washing machine xD it wasn’t fun in any way lol.

There’s always hope!

A year ago? Heck, more like 5 or so for my experience. The Judging system changes since 2006 don’t help either I think.

I actually just made a topic about astro and sliding counterweight the other day. Sadly, nobody has any tutorials.