Reflection of other Yoyo styles you do

Do you guys ever when you do a style like 5a find you tend to do similar things in what you would do in that style like do arm tricks a lot? (as in reflecting in your 1a) Or like in 4a you seem to pop the Yoyo up because you usually do so in 4a?

Anyways as for me because I dabble in 2a I tend to do large world tours to arm mounts because that’s what I’m used to.
Anyways just wondering if you find this in your other styles of Yoyo play.

What? Really no one?

I’ve definitely got a few 1a tricks that were 4a tricks first. Some arm orbit stuff in particular.

In 4a I pop it up like I would in 4a all the time.

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It’s the other way around for me, I try to incorporate 1A concepts in my other styles

cool for me whatever style i learn i find it reflecting in my 1a no matter what.

Na. I do them all differently.

I have tried some 4a rejections doing 1a…

yea i do stuff like that all the time