My favorite style of yoyoing is____

Well, at first it was 2a, then 4a, now back to 1a.

2a is still my favorite!

1a and 3a (which I haven’t really attempted to do too much, but it looks awesome!)

5a because For me its easyier than 1a and 2a looks cool and old school
But 1a tech and horizontal is cool

1a just cuz its more evolved and has much more variety than the other styles… 4a would be 2nd, pretty cool to watch too

Was dabling with tourniquet for a little bit couldn’t figure any things I couldn’t do from normal 1a though. just sorta fun to do when I’m bored of 1A. did a bit of 4A. I know one 1/2A trick(only using half of a yoyo when it is spinning) then I just do a rock the baby


4A is creeping up though. 5A just isn’t doing it for me right now. 2A is giving me too much frustration at the moment, it’s just not clicking for me but I keep at it. Not even attempted 3A yet.

1a. 5a is in my sights but for now I need to get past advanced with 1a.

Straight 1a for me. 5a never clicked (still working on it though), and I’m still working on 4a. Never tried 2a or 3a, so who knows about those.



Tried 5a, sucked
Tried 4a, sucked, but not actually that badly! :slight_smile:

But I AM trying to learn yoyoing with my left hand (I’m naturally right handed), so that in the future I’ll be kinda sorta maybe be a little bit ready for 2a and 3a…

Nothing but 1a has really clicked for me so far, but I haven’t been really yoing for very long…



But 3a looks awesome too

My favorite has to be 3A but its super dupah hard :confused: but I still enjoy playing it, and I love me some 1A

1A is my favorite, because it’s the only one I’m proficient at. 5A never really clicked. 3A made me cry. 2A was okay but I never got the hand of 2 handed loops. 4A I’ve only ever tried with an old 1A yoyo (rather challenging), but I’m planning on getting a Fiests at some point because it seems pretty awesome.