What Style of Play?

My style is 2a what’s yours?

I’m an Ironman, 1a,2a,3a,4a, and 5a, but I have a liking to 3a

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Another one of these threads? Anyways I do 9383727.283838a and 41

9383727.283838a(A.K.A 1A

1a and 5a competitively, and 4a and 3a for funnn ::slight_smile:



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1a a little bit. 5a and 4a especially are becoming my favorites

Haha. I’m with ya brother.


I really want to learn 5a, though.

1a, 4a, and 9a/45a (4a with a cw)

1a 3a 5a. Can do 4a, just not a fan. Have yet to learn 2a.


To me, the rest seem like gimmicks, besides 1a, 2a, and 3a.

1a 0a and 5a.

I’ve been doing 4A for a while. My latest combo: One hand bind to hop the fence regen to bind to loop regen to dummy to loop regen to nutmeg. Pretty awesome combo if I do say so myself. :wink:

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I enjoy one yoyo and one string. That’s enough for me. :slight_smile:

1a and 2a, starting 5a

mainly 1a, just got into 4a yesterday


1A but just starting to dabble with 5A today. Tried a little 3A before but my left hand just cant seem to get wired like the right hand.


But I’m best at A and AAAAA I’d say.